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Sawdust is My Glitter Ornaments

Sawdust is my glitter filled ornament
Today’s project is the meeting of my two loves: Woodworking and Crafts.  My Rae Dunn ornament tutorial has GONE CRAZY but Rae Dunn isn’t really my personal style, so I wanted to do another ornament, but this time I wanted something closer to my heart. 

I saw these ornaments on etsy and knew they would be perfect converted from “Sawdust is man glitter” to “Sawdust is MY glitter” (since my mantra of late has been “Silly boys, power tools are for girls.)”

Here is the final result:

They came out so cute, I decided to include them as my contribution to this months BRAND NEW “Craft and Create with Cricut" challenge that just kicked off this month.
C c cricut
Every month we will be asked to create a project with our Cricut machine, and following a monthly theme.  (This month was “Holidays”) 

You can see the other participants Holiday themed Cricut creations at the end of this post.  

 My project was so quick and easy I whipped up a bunch of different versions. 
Sawdust filled ornament variations

I even made a “manly” version for my dad, who taught me how to use power tools:
Sawdust is man glitter

To see the entire process from start to end, I put together this short 2 minute video to show you exactly how to assemble your ornaments.  I know sometimes photos don’t tell the whole story so hopefully a video is a little more clear.

Supply List:

Tips and Tricks:

  • The larger sawdust ’shavings” are much better for stuffing ornaments than actual “dust” since it gives a pretty texture.
  • The font I used in the video: Balega (a Cricut font) 
  • Try to keep your design smaller than the total width of the ornament. If the font begins to wrap around the edges of the ornament, it is difficult to read.
  • Snip edges of transfer paper to make it easier to conform to round shape of ornament

"Sawdust is My Glitter" (or you could use "Sawdust is Man Glitter") ornaments.. filled with REAL SAWDUST. I love this idea for woodworkers or craftspeople!

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