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20 St. Patrick's Inspired Crochet Projects

20 StPatricks Day Crochet Projects20 Crocheted Project Ideas for St. Patrick's Day. From amigurmi and dolls to scarves and hats, there is something for everyone on this list!
You guys! I just can’t stop crocheting.. I am becoming OBSESSED.  I now carry a ball of yarn and a hook with me everywhere I go:

A spare minute sitting in the carpool line? Crochet
At the doctor’s office waiting room:  Crochet.
Watching soccer practice: Crochet.

I haven’t been working on anything earth shattering.  Just little amigurumi mostly. Patterns that I make up as I go (since dealing with a pattern when you are only getting a few rows or stitches in at a time is a pain!)

I’ve been scouring Ravelry and Pinterest for ideas fo St. Patrick’s day and wanted to share some of my favorites!  I am not sure I’ll make any of these designs exactly, but I’m getting some great ideas for my own designs:

St. Patrick's Crochet wall hanging leperchans.png

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and crochet the world’s cutest beer cozy -- a leprechaun’s hat! Free Pattern via @YouShouldCraft

Shamrock afghan

snail amigurumi

shamrock garland
shamrock cup cozy

leprechaun crocheted dolls

crocheted four leaf clover in a flowerpot

Pot of Gold Cup Cozy

A few of my personal favorites (although no patterns are available):

 Beer Hat FOR A CAT! (Via Pottermouth on Craftster)
crocheted beer hat
No Crying over Spilled Guinness
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And if toys and decor aren’t your thing, there are some gorgeous clothing options that would be perfect for St.Pat’s day:

Crocheted lace beret (Similar pattern available here)

crocheted leprechaun hat
Green color blocked poncho
shamrock scarf


celtic knot bracelet

So many fun and beautiful ideas out there for crocheted St. Patrick's day projects, and I'm not sure where to start.  I think I love the beer glass cat hat.  Practical? No.. but fun to make and hilarious? Yes.

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