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How to Crochet a Basket with T-Shirt Yarn

Crocheted basket bowl from tshirt yarn
Crocheted bowl from tshirt yarn
This was such a fun and super quick project, I whipped it up a crocheted basket (or maybe it is more of a bowl) in under 2 hours and it used EXACTLY one skein of yarn with zero waste! (Those are the kind of projects I love.)

T shirt yarn bowl crocheted
It is a super simple crocheted basket or bowl made from t-shirt yarn.  The yarn makes the bowl really stiff which is perfect since you can get a great geometric shape that won’t collapse on itself. (I'm including the instructions below but you can download the free printable pattern at the end of the post. )

The yarn I used was Zpagetti by Hoooked Yarn. I love that this yarn is made from leftover fabric from European textile factories and so I know the labor practices used in it’s manufacture are safe and legal (no child or unpaid labor).
Crocheting with Hoooked zpagetti yarn
Hoooked is a European company, but you can buy their products on Amazon or by ordering from them directly. They also make adorable little amigurmi kits with their yarns, which is another way to try them out;

How to crochet a t-shirt yarn basket

The pattern from the bowl starts with a simple circle (I use continuous loops)

I used a 6.5MM hook, and the stitches were pretty tight. You could use a larger hook, but you may need more yarn.

R1: SC6 (single crochet) into a MagicRing (6)

R2: SC2 in every stitch (12)

Crocheting with tshirt yarn pattern

R3: SC2 in every stitch (24)

R4: SC2 in every stitch (48) slip stitch ring ‘closed'

(This last row will probably start to curve upa little, which gives the basket the ‘round’ bottom. The “right” side of your work will be the inside bottom of the bowl, the “wrong side” will be touching the table, therefore the outside of the bowl is also the ‘wrong’ side.)

R5: In BLO (back loop only) SC1 in every stitch (48)

R6:  SC1 in every stitch (both loops) (48)

R7: In FLO (front loop only) SC1 in every stitch (48)
Crochted bowl pattern for tshirt yarn
I wanted a pattern in the crochet (and I wanted to extend the yarn to finish a complete row) so the final row is partially decorative.

R8: *In BLO SC1, CH1 (chain), skip next stitch* Repeat 24 times (48)

Invisible finish off.
Yarn crocheted bowl
You could also weave a second color of t-shirt yarn though the CH1 spaces left in the final row. I used some white to demonstrate what it would look like:White and blue tshirt basket crochet pattern
But I think I like it plain.
Crocheted Tshirt Yarn Basket Bowl
A super simple project for a pretty little basket!   Get the printable easy-to-follow instructions in PDF form by email:

How to crochet a basket with tshirt yarn

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