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Crocheted Chill Pills Amigurumi Pattern

Crocheted chill pills amigurumi pattern
Today's project is the PERFECT first time crocheted amigurumi (stuffed doll/object) for new or even seasoned crocheters.  It only requires you to know three stitches.. single crochet, single crochet increase and single crochet decrease.  Doesn't get much easier than that!

Crocheting chill pills amigurumi
I had a lot of fun making these, especially since the pattern is so simple that you can do it anywhere. I was dragging my pills from the coffee shop to the side of my kids’ soccer games.  Anywhere I went I was crocheting away..

Crocheted oversized pills
I came up with this design because I wanted to practice my increases and decreases and play around with how changing my hook size and the number of rounds changed the shape of an object.   So I'm sharing how to make VARIOUS sizes of pills (in fact I made a really large one that my husband uses as a neck pillow. We call it the CHILL PILLOW!)

Crocheting an oversized aspirin

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These are very much your standard Amigurumi supplies.  I love just using what I have on hand, and you don't need much yarn, so it is great for leftovers from larger projects.

Red and white red heart yarn to make amigurui
My white yarn was from a half used skein, so I made my own cake to keep it neat.  If you don't have a yarn winder but use a lot of yarn you HAVE to get one.  This is the one I have and it is big enough to do an entire 1 pound skein. I couldn't live without it! There are smaller, cheaper versions on the market, but if you read the reviews you will see how this one is worth a little more money!


I'll share the step by step instructions in this post, but if you would prefer a printable version, enter your email below to receive the PDF by email

R1: SC 6 into MagicCircle/MagicRing (6) in your first color. 
R1 (Alternative): CH2 and work 6 SC stitches in second chain from hook. SlSt to close loop. 

R2: Work 2 SC into each stitch (12)

R3: *SC1 in the first stitch and work 2 SC (increase) into the next stitch* 6 times (18)

R4: *SC2 and work 2 SC (increase) into the third stitch* 6 times (24)

R5: *SC3 and work 2 SC (increase) into the fourth stitch* 6 times (30)

R6: *SC4 and work 2 SC (increase) into the fifth stitch* 6 times (36) 

R7-R21: Work 1 SC in every stitch (36) for 15 rows 

Switch to second color 

To get a perfect line between the red and the white, I used this technique from Planet June.. although if you don’t mine a color jog you can just do a simple color change.

R22-R37: Work 1 SC in every stitch (36) for 16 rows 

Stuff relatively firmly. (You can also add the eyes and embroider the words onto the pill at this time, or leave them eyeless and wordless). You will need to add additional stuffing as you close the other end of the pill.

R38: *SC 4 and InvDec the fifth and sixth stitches* 6 times (30)

R39: *SC 3 and InvDec the fourth and fifth stitches* 6 times (24)

R40: *SC 2 and InvDec the third and fourth stitches* 6 times (18)

R41: *SC 2 and InvDec the third and fourth stitches* 6 times (18)

R42: *SC 1 and InvDec the second and third stitches* 6 times (12)

R43: InvDec 6 times (6) 

Finish off. You can either InvDec across the gap, weave ends through the front loops, or just stitch the opening closed with the end of the yarn.

Alternatively PlanetJune also has a great technique for finishing off 6 stitch circles

Weave in ends 

I embroidered the word "chill" on one side of the pill, but you could put anything you wanted. I considered phrases like "fuckitol" or "tylenol." They can be uniquely yours. 

To change the sizes (either smaller or larger) you just remove or add increases and decreases and to adjust for the change in size, you also add THREE ROWS for every increase and remove THREE ROWS for every decrease.

The printable pattern has more details about the pattern change as well as example instructions for the larger and smaller pill.
Beginner crochet project for people who have never tried amigurumi before. These simple chill pills only require the most basic knowledge of crochet stitches.. and can be modified to any size.  Take a chill pill!

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