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How to Clean a Crock Pot Insert

This post brought to you by Bon Ami
How to clean your crock pot
Over time the ceramic insert in my slow cooker has become discolored and scratched up.  I love to shred chicken breasts in my crock pot using my hand mixer and the mixer blades leave grey marks all over the bottom and sides. Cleaning touch stains on slow cooker
Regular washing doesn’t take the marks off, but there is something that does.  Bon Ami powder cleanser! 

Look at my slow cooker insert NOW:
How to clean a slow cooker

Bon Ami is non toxic and polishes the surface without scratching.  When I was researching how to clean tough stains in my crock pot I found recommendations for crazy things.. like oven cleaners and bleach!  I don't want that stuff near my food surfaces!

I like Bon Ami since it is a nontoxic cleanser that doesn't use harsh chemicals.  And best of all? It is actually effective.  I've tried baking soda and vinegar and that didn't work nearly as well as Bon Ami!
How to remove scratches from crock pot

How to Clean Your Crock Pot Insert:

Step 1:  Make sure it is unplugged and cool.
Cleaning a crock pot ceramic crock

Step 2: In a small bowl (or in the bottom of your slow cooker) make a paste out of Bon Ami Powder Cleanser and water.  I like mine about the consistency of cake frosting.

You don't have to worry about wearing gloves or letting the cleanser come in contact with your dishes since it is non-toxic! Plus it has no dyes or bleach, and has no strong odors.
Bon Ami and water paste
Step 4: Using a  damp sponge, dishcloth or brush scrub your ceramic surfaces.  You don't have to work about damaging the ceramic since Bon Ami cleans without scratching.
Cleaning paste for ceramic slow cookerStep 5: I found it was most effective us both circular and back and forth motions, since my scrape marks were also in random directions.
Scrubbing crock pot with bon ami

Here is the entire process. It takes a little elbow grease but it looks so fantastic!

You can also use Bon Ami on ceramic plates, countertops, bathtubs and toilets, ceramic topped stoves and even porous surfaces like marble and grout! It really does it all!

How to clean a slow cooker ceramic insert

Look for Bon Ami in your grocery or superstore or you can also buy it on Amazon.  Say goodbye to those touch crock pot stains!

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