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How to Build A Wooden Easter Basket

DIY wooden easter egg basket
How to Build A Wooden Easter A beginner's #woodworking project for #spring! An oversized #EasterEgg shaped #Easter basket! A fun excuse to get into the woodshop and get a little sawdust in your hair! Goes together in no time and with simple tools. Get the free plans on her site!
I've been looking for excuses to get into the workshop and build things.. small things, since I know not everyone needs 10 farmhouse tables or to constantly makeover chests of drawers and highboys.

Don't get me wrong, if I had a huge house or a shop or something, big furniture builds would be my jam, but my house is bursting at the seams!  I just need some small scrap wood projects that you can whip out quick.. just to get a little sawdust in my hair and keep me busy!

So today I am sharing this really easy basket build, which will be perfect for Easter egg hunting later this month.  My son has already claimed it as 'his' and I am pretty sure it will soon be filled with matchbox cars and LEGO figurines.
Little boy with easter basket
The build is SUPER simple.  It requires a little plywood, some trim and a short dowel. Although you could modify the design to use scraps you had on hand. Since all the measurements were eyeballed, the dimensions aren't super important.

You can see exactly how quickly it came together here:


1/2" sanded plywood (1/4 sheet is plenty)
6' of 1 1/8"x1/4" lattice molding
3/4" dowel (12 inches long)


Table Saw 
Jig Saw or Scroll Saw
Miter Saw  (why I have the one I have)
1/2 inch forstner bit
Drill or drill press
Random Orbit or Palm Sander (which is which)
Sandpaper (80 grit and 150 grit)
Nail Gun
1 inch (18g) brads
Wood filler

Cut List:

(2) Egg shapes from plywood (ends of basket)
(1) 5.75" x 11" plywood (bottom of basket)
(6) 11.5" strips lattice molding (sides of basket)
(1) 11.25" dowel (handle)


Trace and cut out two egg shapes (you can download the template HERE) with a jig saw or scroll saw.
Wooden jig saw egg template
Sand cut edges well with 80 grit sandpaper  followed by 150 grit.  You don't want to "round" the edges since they need to be flat in order for the lattice to fit tightly.
Cutting out egg with jig saw

Rip down a length of plywood for the bottom of the basket. This should be the width the bottom portion of the egg (5.75 inches) however if your cuts are off a little or you weren't able to print the template at 100%, you should just match the width of the bottom of your egg.  The actual number doesn't really matter.
Ripping down board on table saw
You now want to cross cut (either with the table saw or miter saw) that strip into the length of your basket.  Mine was 11 inches long.

You also want to drill a hole using a forstner bit. You don't want to go all the way through the board.. only go halfway into the plywood.  A drill press works great for this step.

Next cut the lattice into six 11-1/2 inch strips.
Cutting boards for easter basket
I painted all the pieces before assembly.  I just thought it was easier. You could also paint afterwards or just leave the wood natural.
Painting wooden easter basket
Assemble the pieces with a nail gun and wood glue.  (The video will walk you through the entire assembly process!)  I did go back and use wood filler to patch the holes and then touched up the paint even though that isn't included in the video.  

A super quick project. Except for paint dry time, it took me less than 2 hours from start to finish.. and that includes hunting down all the tools I hadn't put away last time!
Wooden easter egg basket

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