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100 Holiday Recipes and Party Food Ideas

Holiday food recipes and entertaining ideas
Once again it is time for the All Things Creative Girls to get together and share the best posts from around the blogosphere!  This month, we have gathered up more than 100 recipes or food ideas for holiday entertaining.
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 Holiday Food and Recipes 

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Farmhouse Christmas Decor for Under $20

Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas Under 20
Thanks to the Chip and Joanna Gaines, the Fixer Upper trend is hot hot hot and it looks like it may be here to stay, at least of a while.  And although farmhouse, rustic chic was ALWAYS a popular trend when it came to Christmas and holiday decor, it is easier than ever to find fabulous farmhouse inspired ideas all over the place.

So today I’ve rounded up some of my favorite, INEXPENSIVE decor ideas.  Some are DIY projects, and others are products you can get commercially.  All of these should put you in that ‘Christmas on the farm’ spirit, that so many people love!

Christmas Shopping with a Cause

I’m sharing this post on behalf of the Americans Diabetes Association Gift of Hope Program, since this organization is so important in my life. 
Holiday Gift Ideas that Give Back
Diabetes is a disease that has touched my family and is near to my heart.

My grandfather suffered from Type 2 diabetes his whole life.  I remember his daily insulin injections and strict diet. Many summers we would spend up at the lake, and he would take my sister and I fishing, but he always had to be mindful of his blood sugar. When I was in college he passed away from the disease and I will miss him forever.
Diabetes is a serious disease, and a deadly one.  Diabetes kills more people than HIV and Breast Cancer COMBINED! It is the 7th leading cause of death in the US.

For me personally, diabetes hits even closer to home.

Make these easy DIY baseball and basketball ornaments

Hi guys! It’s Meg from GreenWith Decor. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Now we can safely decorate for Christmas! I’ve started some Christmas shopping and small projects here and there, but we haven’t gone into full-on decorating mode yet. That changes today. I’m excited to get everything out this weekend!

I have an easy DIY ornament to share today that’s perfect for your favorite baseball or basketball lover.  
Make these easy DIY baseball and basketball ornaments. What a cute idea, saving this one for Christmas!

Victorian Paper Fan Medallion Oranaments

Traditional Victorian Paper Medallion Ornaments
This year I have decided to have a “Golden Age of Queen Victoria” styled Christmas tree, since when else is more appropriate to go over-the-top than Christmas?

I’m going to use a mix of modern store bought ornaments along with the more traditional candles and feathers and paper ornaments.  Paper ornaments were really common in the late ninetieth century.  Originally made from newspaper scraps and magazine clippings, paper ornaments became more and more ornate to reflect the baroque influence on the Victorians.
Gold victorian decorated tree

How to Install And Setup A Wiser Air Smart Thermostat

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Schneider Electric . All opinions are 100% mine.
How to Install and Setup a Smart Thermostat
My regular readers know I’m not afraid of technology!  I have smart lightbulbs, a smart garage door opener, and now I have a smart thermostat!  Schneider Electric, the leader in weather service technology, agreed to send me their Wiser Air smart thermostat in exchange for this post and I wanted to share my thoughts and walk you through the process of just how easy it was to install.

Beautiful Neutral Transitional Living Room Inspiration

Beautiful and neutral transitional living room inspiration
I recently had to get rid of my living room sofa, and I have been on the hunt for a new one.  I want something with clean lines and super neutral.   I know some people are all about color, but I like my room to be plain, so I can add my color transiently, be it with crazy mantelscapes or fun throw pillows, or my own art work.

I also just saw that Sherman William’s recently annouced their 2017 color of the year: Poised Taupe and I thought it was the perfect jumping off point for a living room.
Sw img diy coty1 17 lp

Style wise, I'd say I'm definitely transitional.  A balance of traditional elements along side clean lines of modern pieces.  I don't do farmhouse, rustic, shabby chic, french country or ultra modern. I do like traditional mixed with contemporary or industrial pieces.  That ia a hallmark of transitional design.

Transitional design is also known for its casual, comfortable and child friendly features, and it has a sense of warmth and coziness.  The perfect family home!  It features a balance of clean lines, and curves, without being too ornate or gaudy.  Often homes for sale are staged with tranistional style, since it generates the feeling of welcoming.

Finding transitional design inspiration can be tough, since most designs tend to lean either lean more contemporary or more traditional.  But I scoured the internet to find some that are both NEUTRAL and TRANSITIONAL.     This is the inspriation for my new living room:

Free Printable Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Watercolor Gift Tags free printable
I am planning a homey, woodsy style Christmas this year (if you hadn't already figured that out from my Burlap Christmas Inspiration post) and so I have been all over the internet looking for ideas. When Debbie shared these darling red barn gift tags, I knew she was onto something.   So I decided to create my own with my rustic woodland vibe.
Merry Christmas gift tag on brown paper package

Rustic Christmas Tree Wall Art

Hi everyone! Steph at The Silly Pearl here with another crafty tutorial, this time for the holidays. I thought a quick and fun craft would be fitting since it gets so crazy this time of year. Here's how I made my Rustic Christmas Tree Wall Art.

Burlap Christmas Decor for Under $25

Burlap Christmas Ideas Under $25
Christmas is all about the warm embrace of comfort and love. And for me, there isn’t much more comforting that the homey woodsy feel of a rustic style christmas.  A great way to achieve this feeling is with the use of burlap in your decor and accessories.
Burlap for facebook

Affordable, nueutral and easy to work with, I have used burlap in my Christmas decor for many years now, and I love the simple neutral colors and warm rustic feel. 
So today I have assembled a mix of burlap DIY projects and inexpensive commercial available decor items that you can use to create the rustic country feeling. 

Oven Chicken Fajitas

Hey everyone!  Mandee from The Kitchen Wife here and I have a GREAT recipe for you today, Oven Chicken Fajitas.  

November is officially upon us, and the holiday season is here!  What does that mean you ask?  Well, it means that everything in our lives is about to be turned upside-down and everyone is going to lose their minds.  However, your dinner doesn't have to be difficult.  My easy Oven Chicken Fajitas are the perfect meal for those crazy weeknights.  I can't wait to share it with you so...

Let's get started!

Slow Cooker Boston Market Sweet Potato Casserole

Boston Market Sweet Potato Casserole Crock Pot
It is Ultimate Recipe Challenge time once again!! And this month, the challenge prompt was: SLOW COOKER!   I was so excited about this month, since I have a lot of great crock pot recipes on the blog already and I couldn't wait to tackle this challenge.
URC Slow Cooker
There are also dozens of other slow cooker recipes from other challenge participants at the bottom of this post.  Desserts, entrees, soups, appetizers and even breakfasts!  If you are a fan of the slow cooker you need to scroll down and browse through them!
URC slow cooker collage

Don't Fear the Zips! Two Easy Zipper Pouch Tutorials

Hi everyone! It's Pam from Clever Little Mouse with a tutorial for two easy zipper pouches that will help you get over your fear of sewing zippers. 

Every time I show a project that uses zippers, I get at least one comment from someone who thinks working with zippers is too hard, too scary, too complicated....you get the idea. I promise, if you can sew a straight line, you can make these pouches!

Don't fear the zippers! Two easy zipper pouch tutorials.

If you're really new at sewing, the pencil pouch is a little simpler but both of these are very beginner friendly. The assembly instructions are basically the same, with just one extra set of seams for the makeup pouch. I made both pouches at once so you'll see photos for both throughout the tutorials. Ready? Let's get started!

31 Homemade Christmas Ornaments

A huge collection of 31 homemade ornaments.  What a great way to get a personalized tree!

Last month I participated in a month long challenge with 30 other bloggers to create our own unique handmade Christmas tree ornaments,  It may have seemed early at the time, but now that it is November I know a lot more people are beginning to think about the holidays and so I thought it would be great idea to revisit the challenge!  
If you missed it, this was my entry:  
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