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Free Printable Watercolor Christmas Gift Tags

Christmas Watercolor Gift Tags free printable
I am planning a homey, woodsy style Christmas this year (if you hadn't already figured that out from my Burlap Christmas Inspiration post) and so I have been all over the internet looking for ideas. When Debbie shared these darling red barn gift tags, I knew she was onto something.   So I decided to create my own with my rustic woodland vibe.
Merry Christmas gift tag on brown paper package
I actually created a series of four of different designs, using the same water color image of a wreath.  They each have different style text and wording, and then I left one blank as a more generic gift tag.
Four printable gift tagsThey look perfect when used with bakers twine and brown paper.Tying on gift tag with bakers twine and brown paperI am offering up the free printable to anyone who wants it as well. (Enter your email address below.)    Four different gift tag printables watercolor wreathAll you need to do is print out the file at full size on cardstock.  This is the type I like since it feels like watercolor paper.
Free printable gift tags with bakers twine
I cut mine tags out by hand but you could also use the print and cut feature on your Silhouette or Cricut to make them.
Watercolor wreath gift tags
I used a handheld hole punch to the holes, but again, if you set up a Silhouette print and cut you could also have it cut the hole for you.
Merry Christmas Gift Tag Brown Paper Package
I actually have the full sized individual prints for sale as well if you want them larger than tag size! I have some cute craft ideas to use larger scale prints coming up on the blog next week!
Wrapping christmas gifts in brown paper

Free printable christmas gift tags with watercolor wreaths

If you like these images: 

The full sized files (set of 4) is also available for purchase for $1.99  These are 20' x 20' high resolution PDF files suitable for printing.  You can print them full scale or shrink them down to fit on standard letter paper.

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