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Popcorn Box Challenge: Googlie Eye Box

Googlie Eye Covered Popcorn Box
This may be a slightly unusual project, but there is a method to my madness!  For the past few years Laura has set up a challenge every halloween to decorate a popcorn box.  This year she invited me to join the fun and I couldn’t pass it up!  I love a good challenge!

My contribution was this creepy version, covered in googlie monster eyeballs. There is nothing like having your snack look back at you as you are eating it!  There are dozens of more challenge entries included in the link up below.. AND there is even a chance to win a fabulous prize.   Make sure you scroll all the way to the end of this post! 
Googlie Eye covered box Monster Party
- Googlie/Wiggle Eyes
I used the mixed size “Monster Eyes” from the dollar store. One bag of 60 is a enough to do a little more than one side of a standard sized popcorn box. If I was doing this project in multiples I'd buy them in bulk.
- School Glue
- Black Paint
- Paint  brush
Googlie Eyes and Popcorn box
For my project, I used leftover paint I had from my Wonder Woman dresser, which happened to be Black Magic by Pittsburgh Paints.  Painting popcorn box
Craft paint would be a better option since you wouldn’t have to worry about toxicity (even thought this is the outside of the box and shouldn’t touch the food.)
Painting popcorn box black
Next I glued on the eyes one by one.  It went pretty fast, and having a variety of sizes meant I could get a nice random look. Gluing eyeballs to popcorn box
 The box was pretty funny since as you picked it up or moved it, the eyes would jiggle around.  My kids thought it was hilarious.
Googly Eye Popcorn box halloweenDefinitely a conversation piece!
Popcorn container monster eyeball covered

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