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Customizable Wooden Scroll Saw Ornaments

Customizable Wooden Scrool saw ornaments
Today's project was a fun one since I got to bring out my scroll saw!   I am participating in the 31 Days of Handmade Ornaments blog hop and I decided to create a series of ornaments that could be used alone or in conjunction with each other.  (You can see the other entries at the bottom of this post.)

This was what I came up with for the challenge:
Glittered scroll saw wooden ornamentsA round ornament that also holds other smaller ornaments.  I think they came out so cute!
Exchangeable wooden ornaments
 I decided to include traditional Christmas motifs, as well as personalize it with my Six family initial.
Custom Personalized Christmas Ornaments


-Thin Plywood or Veneer  (I used 1/4 inch thick birch. I like smaller sheets for the scroll saw)
-Silhouettes of your final design (printed to scale)
-Spray Adhesive (I like Loctite brand)
-Drill or drill press (this is the one I have)
-Scroll Saw (if you don't have one.. they are surprisingly affordable. This one is less than $80!)
-Sandpaper (200 grit or higher)
-Craft paint
-Glitter (I love the ultra fine)
-Jewelry Eye Pins (or tiny hooks and eyes)
-Needle nose plier/wirecutter
-Super glue


Choose and print your ornaments designs at the exact scale you want the final versions to be. (To create the files, I just Googled "ornament silhouette").

Using spray adhesive, attach the template to the plywood.  To cut out interior designs on the scroll saw you will have to drill a pilot hole with your drill or drill press.

Cut out your designs on the scroll saw.
How to cut ornaments on scroll saw
Straight lines and outside angles are much easier to cut than sharp curves.  You need to experiment with what works best.  Also, be really careful of your fingers with tiny pieces like this.  I always leave as much scrap on them as possible, up until the last cut.  That way you have something (far from the blade) to hold onto.
Cutting ornaments on scroll saw

Once they are cut out, you can clean them up with sandpaper. I found wrapping the sandpaper around a bamboo skewer make it easier to sand the inside of these small pieces.  Be careful since they will want to break easily they are so thing! 
Sanding wooden ornaments
You can leave your pieces their natural wood color, but I decided to paint and glitter them. I just used craft paints.
Painting scroll saw wooden ornamentsWhile the paint was wet I added my super fine glitter.
Glittering wooden ornaments
I let all the pieces dry on top of toothpicks to keep them from sticking to the tray.
Painting and glittering wooden ornamentsThe trickiest part of this project is how to hang the smaller ornament inside the larger one.  I couldn't find eye hooks small enough, so I picked up these eye pins (which are tiny.. since they are meant for jewelry.)   They worked perfectly!
Jewelry eye pins for christmas ornamentsSince they don't come with hooks, you can just bend the eyes open with a pliers.   You can also easily cut them to length with a wire cutters.

To attach the hooks and eye to the ornaments, I "drilled" a pilot hole in the wood with a push pin.

A little hot glue or super glue will secure them in the hole.
How to add hooks to customisable ornamentsHere is the final placement of the eye pins.  The little ornaments swing freely inside the Christmas ball shape.
Jewelry hooks for christmas ornamentsPlus they are easy to mix and match.  You can feature whichever one you want inside! Wooden personalized scroll saw ornaments
And you can also use the smaller ornaments on their own. The eye is a perfect place to hang them from. Mix and match custom ornaments
Another great beginner scroll saw project and a fun one too!

Interchangeable scroll saw ornaments
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