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Lace Doily Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin

Lace covered dollar store pumpkin
Here we are!  The last day of Dollar Store Pumpkin week! If you haven’t seen Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4 you may want to check those out too.. but for now, here is the final pumpkin makeover for 2016!   A lace covered pumpkin!
Lace wrapped dollar store pumpkin

 I found some 2 packs of lace doilies at the dollar store and used my glue gun and Mod Podge to cover the pumpkin.  Once I figure out exactly how to cut the doilies, it was a pretty easy process.
Lace wrapped dollar store pumpkin supplies
I first removed the stem and added a layer of Mod Podge just to hold the doily in place. Mod podge lace to pumpkin
Next I went around the doilies and notched out sections to take out any extra bulk. I tried to cut along obvious pattern lines so when I butted the cut sides up side by side they would blend together. Cutting down doilie to wrap pumpkin
To hold the cut pieces in place (since the Mod Podge won’t hold up to any stretching of the fabric) I used my hot glue gun to tack down the ends of the doily near the bottom of the pumpkinGluing lace to dollar store pumpkinThere were gaps between my cut edges since the doily didn’t want to lay flat. Attaching lace to pumpkinFor those areas I slathered on another coat of Mod PodgeLace mod podged pumpkin
While that dried I moved onto the stem. I didn’t want the plain styrofoam to show, so I found some small rope trim in my notions stash and wrapped that around the styrofoam stem with my glue gun. Styrofoam pumpkin wrapped in yarnTrim wrapped pumpkin stemQuite the pretty and delicate pumpkin makeover!  I love the secondary flower pattern on the top from the doily and stem.Lace doilie wrapped pumpkinA great way to end Pumpkin Makeover week of 2016!  
Wrapping a lace doilie on dollar store pumpkinNow I’ve got to start brainstorming ideas for 2017!  

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