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Button Covered Dollar Store Pumpkin

Button covered dollar store pumpkinWelcome to Day 4 of Dollar Store Pumpkin Week!  I’ve done some pretty easy makeovers earlier in the week, but today’s pumpkin transformation is one that took a fair amount of time.  Very similar to my wood slice pumpkin, this makeover requires you to glue on buttons.. one by one.  It is time consuming, but the final result is pretty cool.

Button dollar store pumpkinThe hardest part of this project is actually finding the right buttons.  I wouldn’t have had enough orange buttons in my stash, but I found these little mixed embellishment jars at Home Goods (they were only $2) and I knew they would be perfect for a pumpkin makeover.

You can actually buy full collections of mixed buttons in a single color that is the easiest way to complete  a project like this:
Because my buttons and sequins were mixed, I sorted them by color so I could give my pumpkin an hombre effect.
Sorting buttons by color
I started at the bottom with the black and moved up from the darkest reds to the lightest oranges.Ombre button pumpkin
Eventually at the top I added the peachy iridescent sequins.Gluing buttons to dollar store pumpkinFinally, I needed to cover the stem somehow, so I went to my real button stash and dug out any green buttons I could find. Sorting a jar of buttons
Good thing the stem was small, since I didn’t have very many.
Button coated pumpkin
I think it is the perfect pumpkin for my sewing room.  Definitely unique and one of a kind! Organge and black button pumpkin

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