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Glittered Dollar Store Pumpkins

Gold Glittered Dollar Store Pumpkins
Yesterday I kicked off Dollar Store Pumpkin Makeover week, and we are continuing on again today.  Today’s version is super straight forward and easy to do, which is great if you want to make multiples.  It would be hard to make, say.. 10 of these wood slice pumpkins (and i’d lose my mind if I even had to make more than one of these tufted types) but today’s version is super fast and easy!
Gold glittered pumpkin
If you wanted to fill a large basket or place dozens of pumpkins on your hearth, this would be a great version to make.  And since the supplies are so inexpensive, you are really only spending about $1 per pumpkin.
Dollar Store Pumpkin with Glitter

DIY Glittered Pumpkin:


Dollar Store (or other inexpensive) pumpkin
Glitter (I used gold, but you could make them any color. A bronze or orange or red version would be pretty too. If you are also glittering the stem, you need glitter in that color as well.)
Paint to match your glitter (I used gold metallic since my glitter was gold)
Mod Podge (if your pumpkin is the same color as the glitter. In my case, I used mod Podge on the stem)
Paint Brush
Supplies for glittering pumpkin

Step 1: 

Paint a small section of your pumpkin in the paint that matches you glitter. You don’t want too large of an area since you need the paint to stay wet.

Metallic painted dollar store pumpkinStep 2: 

Apply a GENEROUS amount of glitter to the wet paint.  You want glitter to cover the entire surface evenly. Painting and adding glitter to pumpkin
You don’t really have a chance to go back and add more glitter so you want it thick from the get go.  To avoid wasting glitter I collected the extra on a tray and then was able to re-use it.
Adding glitter to styrofoam pumpkinRepeat this process around the entire pumpkin.   Allow it to dry entirely.

Step 3:

Carefully apply your paint or Mod Podge to the stem of the pumpkin making sure not to get it on the dried glitter.
Mod podge glittered pumpkin
Sprinkle the glitter carefully onto the damp surface, making sure not to get it in the wrong areas.  (I found this was easiest by holding the pumpkin on it’s side or almost upside down.)Adding green glitter to pumpkin stem
Allow the second color to dry and you have a completed pumpkin! Gold Sparkly DIY pumpkinWhat a sparkly way to start your Halloween!

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