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Rope Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin

Easy Rope Wrapped Dollar Store Pumpkin
Welcome to Dollar Store Pumpkin makeover week for 2016!  Every year I spend a week making over 5 dollar store pumpkins and this year is no exception.

Today’s project combines two things that I love: Dollar Store pumpkin makeovers and DIY challenges!   I have joined with 13 other bloggers to use ROPE to create a fun home decor item.  The other participants have some amazing projects too!  You can check them out below.

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As for me.. I obviously have dollar store pumpkins on the brain, so I decided to use my challenge material in another pumpkin makeover
Dollar Store Rope Pumpkin Makeover
The supplies for this project are pretty straight forward. 

Dollar Store (or other faux pumpkin)
Glue Gun
Jute or Sisal Rope
Craft paint (the same color as the rope)

Rope Pumpkin Supplies
First you need to paint the entire pumpkin.  This is so if you have gaps in the rope, you won’t see the fluorescent orange styrofoam. Painting orange styrofoam pumpkin
I dry my pumpkins on skewers so they don’t stick to the table:Painting a dollar store stryofoam pumpkin
Next, starting at the top (but not including the stem) begin wrapping the pumpkin in rope, using hot glue to secure the rope:Hot glue gunned rope pumpkinContinue all the way to the bottom. Sisal twine wrapped pumpkin
After the pumpkin is covered, you can use a second length of rope to cover or create a stem.
Rope Wrapped Around a Dollar Store pumpkin
You can see I just went around and around and tightened the circle at the top to give it a finished look.Rope Wrapped Pumpkin Stem
Because I lost a lot of the scalloped features of the pumpkin, I wanted to add a curly vine-like stem to make it more obvious that this is a pumpkin. Rope pumpkin stemAnd in order to give it a little contrast I painted the stem.  (You could also paint the pumpkin itself, but I liked the natural look of the rope.)
Painting a rope pumpkin
So the rope would look more “stained" and less solid, I diluted the paint quite a bit.
Diluted Paint for crafts
This was the final result! Painted rope pumpkinI love how it turned out, and even though it isn’t the most complicated project out there, it still is really cute! Perfect for the rustic farmhouse-y look that is so popular right now! Rope pumpkin makeover

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