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Cedar Planter Box with Hidden Hose Storage

DIY Cedar Flower Box With Hidden Hose Storage
I’m so excited and thrilled to be included in this month’s Power Tool Challenge.   Every month a group of talented tool loving bloggers get together and create simple projects anyone can build, in order to encourage people to overcome their fear of power tools. (I have already put together a list of my personal power tools as well as their reviews.)   Power tool challenge
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The theme this month happened to be “Home Improvement” and so since spring is right around the corner I decided to build a planter for my front yard, that would also double as hidden storage for my garden hose:
Cedar Flower Box with Hidden Garden Hose Storage
And even if you don’t like or need the project, you have to admit, I have a pretty cute assistant/model: Secret Compartment in Flower Pot to hide hoseThis was a ‘custom’ build (meaning I only had this exact amount of room between some bushes were my box would fit, so I haven’t written up detailed plans for cut lists, since I am not sure anyone would want to build it the same size as mine, but I’ll give you a general overview of how I put it together.

I only needed three types of lumber:

2x2s for the box
Cedar fence boards for the sides and door (these are great since they are super cheap!)
1x3s for the top trim

In my case I build the box to be 18x18 (which fit between the house and the walkway and between the two shrubs).
18 by 18 wooden box
I built the box from 2x2s using pocket holes.   So my power tool of choice was a drill and a Kreg Jig (I personally use the K4 system but I also have worked with the R3 which is a simple jig if you are just starting out)
Drilling pocket holes for planter
You also will want to invest in a Kreg right angle clamp (or two) if you are doing any projects with lots of pocket holes. It makes it a lot easier to hold the pieces to gather.
Kreg Clamp for assembling flower boxI used two holes in every joint, mostly to keep the boards from twisting.

Pocket holesThis is what the final box looked like.  18x18 by 16 inches tall. Building garden box
Next I added 2 more 2x2 supports about 8 inches from the bottom and then made a shelf out of the cedar fence boards, cut down to 18 inches. This is the false bottom of the planter that will hold the plants and soil up.
Box with false bottom to store garden hoseSince the boards weren't the exact correct width, I cut them down with my Jig Saw (another great DIY power tool.)  Cutting down board with jig sawI attached the boards to both the shelf with a pneumatic nail gun and then I made sure to test my design to make sure the hose would fit (which it did)
Storing Hose inside flower planterNext I added the cedar boards to the sides.  I also added one board to the top of the front and the back.  I left the bottom rows off of the back side of the box in order to feed the hose from the spigot and into the box.  I left the front rows off the front side in order to create the swinging door to access the hose.

To build the door I just used Simpson Strong-Tie strap ties in a “z” shape to hold the boards together. (I wasn’t going to trust pocket holes)  If you are worried about wear and tear, or the straps bending, you could use heavy duty ones, but I just used the lighter 20 gauge ties.
Strong Tie Connectors to reinforce door
For the door itself I used some cheap 3 inch tee hinges and a pull handle.TEE Hinges for door
I did use screws to reinforce the top board on the front (the one that supported the hinges) since I didn’t want it to loosen up.   I also added some trim boards to the top of the box that I mitered, in order to give the top a finished look. Flower box with door for storageFinally I stained it with Behr’s exterior Weatherproofing Stain and sealer (since I knew it would be getting sprayed by the sprinklers all the time and I didn’t want it to rot). To bring out the red of the cedar I used the “Cedar Naturaltone” color. Staining Cedar flower box
Finally, I added heavy duty plastic to the planter part of the crate. This was to help hold the moisture into the soil and keep water from getting though the boards and dripping onto the hose.  I have used this method before with a bunch of other planters and it has held up really well.  To attach the plastic without huge holes  I used my Arrow T50 Stapler and it made quick work of it.  Lining flower box with plasticI love that my hose is no longer in plain sight in the front yard.Hidden hose storageAnd the planter will be great to add color along the front walk.Hose Storage Hidden In Flower PlanterThis entire project took me two days and cost a little under $25.  Hidden Garden Hose Storage In Flower BoxAnd I couldn’t have done it with out my power tools! Planter box with built in storageIf you are looking for more planter inspiration, you can also see these posts:

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