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Fireplace Makeover Using Beadboard Wallpaper

Fireplace update with paint and molding. It looks like custom built ins now! Plus she used beadboard textured wallpaper as an alternative to real beadboard. It is so fast, so easy and a lot less expensive.
I am finally tackling a project that has been on my “to do” list for months, and now that it is done, I’m kicking myself I didn’t do it sooner.. Since it LITERALLY took me less than 15 minutes start to finish.   I added beadboard paneling above my fireplace mantel shelf  to give the whole thing a more custom ‘built in’ look.

To appreciate the full transformation of these built ins, you first need to see how they looked when we bought the place:
Oak built in arounds fireplace
They were pretty awful.  The oak, the brass on the fireplace screen, the odd floating mantel shelf.

So a few years ago I trimmed them out and painted them.
Upding fireplace with molding tutorial
I also spray painted all the gold on the fireplace screen, and brought it out of the 90s. Updating brass fireplace surroundAnd so for 2 years, it sat, sat, sat.  Like this.
Fireplace before adding plankingThe problem was that every time I looked at it, the 80s orange peel texture, that is on every wall and ceiling in my house (sigh!) would be obvious.  And I HATED IT.
Orange peel wall texture
So when I built the DIY baby gate for my stairs, and ordered this beadboard wallpaper to use on it, I knew I had a solution.

That paper had been on the gate for more than a year, with grubby fingerprints and even marker drawings, and it held up great. 
 And I had a huge amount left on the roll:
Roll of beadboard wallpaper
This is the “foam” thick paper.  I have used the thinner more cardboard like paper before on my open shelving in the kitchen and I have to say THIS IS THE KIND YOU WANT.  It is made of vinyl and holds up great.  Plus it is only around $20 for a 32 foot length (that is about 2 feet wide). Plus it is paintable.  So you can make it match any trim.

I just cut it to length, wet it down in the sink and stuck it to the wall.  Seriously, it took about 5 minutes.
Applying beadboard wallpaperNext I used a putty knife and a razor blade to get a straight cut right in the corners:Installing and cutting textured wallpaperI wiped it down with a damp cloth to clean off the sticky residue:How to install beadboard wallpaperAnd that was it!  Plus I love how well the seams hidden: Beadboard wallpaper on mantel
 Now it looks like part of the wooden “built in” and not just a section of the wall that is painted a different color.
Beadboard wallpaper above fireplace
It is hard to see the difference in photos as much as it is in person.Final fireplace with trim moldingBut it really does look great. Updated fireplace with beadboardThe same can’t be said for the rest of the room.  I always think it is funny how bloggers have these perfect little vignettes in their houses.. if you could only see BEHIND the camera!   Keeping it real with kim six
 So if you have been considered a textured wall treatment, don’t put it off.  This beadboard wallpaper is crazy easy to use, and holds up great!   What are your waiting for?
How to Install beadboard textured wallpaper as an alternative to real beadboard. It is so fast, so easy and a lot less expensive.

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