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Patriotic Red White and Blue Mantel (Behind the Scenes)

I am so antsy for summer to start that I decided to put up my Fourth of July mantel already.  If you are a regular reader you know I am pretty hard core about changing out my mantels for the different seasons.  People often ask me where I get the ideas or how long it takes me to them up and so today I thought I'd show you what actually goes on behind the scenes of a mantel design.

I actually made a time lapse movie of the actual assembly of this year's mantel from start to finish! Even though the actual process took me a little less than 2 hours, I've condensed it down to about 1 minute.
You will see (at least in my case) it is just a lot of trial and error.  Taking stuff up, taking stuff down and moving it around until I'm happy with it.
The starting point for this month's mantel were this great collection of frames that were sent to me from Cut It Out.  I loved that they were all different sizes and shapes but the fact they were all the same thickness made them the perfect fit for a layered look.

Here is how I painted them, layered them, nailed them together, installed them and decorated around them to get to the final polished mantel:

You can see that I tried lots of different variations and even tried using things that didn't eventually make it into the final design (like my paper straw flag.

On the other hand I did reused my faux milk bottles again this year:  
This big tin star was actually a christmas decoration but I thought it fit perfectly in this year's mantel theme. 

And I love the CutItOut frames.  The secondary patterns they form since they are empty are really cool. 

Hopefully I've inspired you a little bit on your own mantel decorating adventures! 

Thank you to CutItOut for providing me with the frames.  I did not receive any additional compensation for this post, and the ideas are my own. 

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