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Tutorial: Turning Cabinets into Custom Shelves

Since I am redoing my kitchen, but working within a budget and with the cabinets I already have, I needed a way to get a more custom look.  Enter: Open Shelving.  

(EDITED TO ADD: Full kitchen reveal can now be found here) 
It was a look I had pinned dozen of times on my "Kitchen" Pinterest board, but I didn't want it to look like I just took doors off a cabinet. I wanted it to look CUSTOM.  So I looked around my kitchen and tried to figure out which cabinets I could easily convert yet wouldn't look like doorless cabinet boxes.

I settled on this one, which floats by itself next to the kitchen sink:

It is a single cabinet with double doors that was nothing to write home about:

I got a feel for how it would look by just removing the doors (that way if I didn't like it, I could always just put the doors back on):
I was happy with the look, so I needed to deal with the hardware holes leftover from the hinges:
A couple dollops of spackle (I love the pink kind that dries white) did the trick:
Then I went ahead and removed the center support post (which really isn't "supporting" anything but the doors).  I used a hacksaw to cut it in half and knocked it out with a hammer:
Next up sanding and priming:
A couple coats of paint (yes, this is the Manchester Tan I took forever to decide upon):
Most people would have stopped there, but this doesn't look like much more than an empty cabinet.  I took my inspiration from the open cabinet I loved on Pinterest and found these shelf brackets:
I added them to the top corners of the cabinet and ended up with this:
More spackle and another coat of paint.. but I didn't want to stop there.  My inspiration cabinets also had a beadboard backing.   

Now let me pause here to mention how much experience I have with beadboard,   both the snap-in kind as well as the real stuff.. but I think my life is forever changed since I found this:
PAINTABLE Beadboard Wallpaper!! (I got mine on Amazon)

Where have you been all my life?  This stuff is great.  And although I have heard it can't handle a lot of wear and tear (so I wouldn't use it on a bathroom wall for example) it would have been a great solution to my DIY beadboard ceiling.  

Anyhow.. I put the paper up in the back of the cabinet, cut it with a box cutter and painted it to match the rest of the cabinet (you could do a contrasting color, and I may change it in the future, but I wanted to try it out this way first):
I caulked around the edges to hide any gaps (and it helped seal the edges of the paper down):
A final coat of paint, re-install the shelves and you are all set!
I decided to add my collection of Lennox serving pieces I got for my wedding.  The cow is a creamer, and the chickens are salt and pepper shakers:
 The duck is a teapot, the bunny is a cookie jar, and the pig is a sugar bowl (you scoop out the sugar with his curly tail):
Of course I added my $2 chicken (affectionately named Beyonce) that I couldn't pass up at the thrift store.

And there you have it!  Not too difficult!
Here is what it looks like from a distance.  Not so much like a converted cabinet! 

I am super happy with it!

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