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100 FREE Printable School Valentines

One Hundred Free Printable School Valentines, Easy ideas to print off and give to classmates.

I am a sucker for homemade school Valentine’s but I have total sympathy for all the busy moms out there that don’t have time or energy to whip them up from scratch.  So today I thought I would make it easy on you, but rounding up ONE HUNDRED Valentines idea all of which include a free printable.  There are two categories.  Printables to attach to a small gift or treat, and Printables that don't need anything else!

First, 78 ideas for small treats (in parentheses) that you can attach to your printable to create class Valentines.  There is a little something for everyone on this list:
  1.  “You’re A-Maze-Ing”  (Mini Mazes) from Lemonthistle 
  2. “Let’s Build Something Together” (LEGOs) from Kojo Designs
  3. ”You bug me” (Rubber cockroaches) from a Girl and A Glue Gun
  4. “Rawr means I love you in Dinosaur” (Toy Dinosaurs) from Amber Simmons
  5. "You Rule" (Rulers) from Refresh Restyle
  6. "You Melt My Heart" (Perler or Hama Beads) from The Kim Six Fix
  7. “We’ve got the Write Stuff” (Pencils) from Happiness is Homemade
  8. “Don’t Burst My Bubble” (Bubbles) from Housewife Eclectic 
  9. “Stay Kool” (Kool Aid) from Lucky Scarf 
  10. "You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Grey" (Watercolors) from Smart School House
  11. "Love it a Battlefield" (Army Men) from Love and Marriage 
  12. "Love is In The Air" (Balloons) from Eighteen25
  13. "Color Your Heart Out" (Crayons) from The Nerds Wife
  14. “We go together like chocolate and peanut butter” (Candy Bars) from Tried and True 
  15. “You’re So Sweet" (Cupcakes) from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff
  16. “Come on Baby Light My Fire” (Pretzel Matchsticks) from Frenchie
  17. “You make my heart race” (Matchbox Cars) from The Kim Six Fix 
  18. “I Pix you as a Friend" (Pixy Stix) from Crafting in the Rain
  19. “You Blow Me Away” (Bubble Wands) from The Girl Creative
  20. ”I Treasure You” (Chocolate Coins) from a Girl and A Glue Gun
  21. “You’re The Bee’s Knees” (Burt’s Bees Lip Balm) from Amber Simmons
  22. “Let’s Stick Together” (Stickers) by Occasionally Crafty
  23. “You’re the Write One” (Pencils) The Scrap Shoppe 
  24. "Awesome Sauce" (Applesauce) by C.R.A.F.T.
  25. “Friends like you are Limited Editions” (Shopkins) from Hello Splendid 
  26. “You are Bubbles of Fun” (Bubbles) from Frenchie 
  27. “You’re Such A Gem” (Toy Rings) from Hello Splendid 
  28. “Only Time Will Tell” (Candy Watches) from Free Time Frolics
  29. "You're A Real Cutie" (Cutie/Clementine Orange) from The Cards We Drew
  30. “Tic Tac Toe XO XO” (Tic Tacs) from Housewife Eclectic 
  31. “Have a Ball” (Bouncy Ball) by Simply Designing
  32. "I'm Nuts About You" (Nuts) from Design Dining and Diapers
  33. "You're All That & A Bag of Chips" (Chips) from My 3 Monsters
  34. "O'fishally be my Valentine" (Goldfish crackers) from Tammy Mitchell Photography
  35. "Award Winning Valentine" (Mini-Trophies) from The Kim Six Fix
  36. “Eye think you are rad” (Googlie Eye Rings)  from Elevate Everyday 
  37. "You Make My Heart Pop" (Popcorn) from Crazy Little Projects
  38. “You Color My World” (Crayons) from The Scrap Shoppe Blog
  39. “You Make Life S’More Fun” (S’mores) from Jen Woodhouse
  40. "You're My Main Squeeze" (Applesauce Pouch) from Funky Polka Dot Giraffe
  41. "You light up my life" (Glow Sticks) from Eighteen 25 
  42. “Orange You Glad We’re Friends?” (Orange Slice Candy) from Crafting in the Rain 
  43. “I think you are a Big Hunk” (Big Hunk Bars) from a Girl and A Glue Gun
  44. “I’m Wild About You” (Animal Crackers) from The Girl Creative
  45. "I'm Stuck on You" (Band Aids) from C.R.A.F.T. 
  46. "I Ink You're Great" (Tattoo) by Small + Friendly
  47. "Cereal-sly be my Valentine" (Cereal) from Cupcake Diaries 
  48. "You're Tops"(Top) by B-Inspired
  49. "You Blow Me Away" (Whistles) from My 3 Monsters
  50. "Hugs and Kisses" (Hershey Kisses) from Mom Dot
  51. “You Make My Heart Bubble” (gum) from Live Laugh Rowe
  52. "I Think You Are Super" (Superhero Bracelet) from It's Always Autumn 
  53. "You knock my socks off" (Socks) from Made to be a Momma 
  54. "You get my Stamp of Approval" (Rubber Stamp) from Average But Inspired
  55. “Pucker Up” (Chap Stick) from Free Time Frolics
  56. "I'm a sucker" (Lollipop) from By Dawn Nicole
  57. "I dig being friends" (Plastic Shovel) from Simply Designing
  58. “Doh you want to be my Valentine?” (Play Doh) from Bright Green Door 
  59. "Frozen You're Worth Melting For" (Water) from Pretty Providence
  60. "We were Mint to Be" (Tic Tacs) from 733 Blog
  61. "Sip Sip Hooray" (Silly Straw) by Bargain Briana
  62. “I’m bursting to say Happy Valentine’s Day” (Bubbles) from R & R Workshop
  63. ”You suck” (Straws) from a Girl and A Glue Gun
  64. "You're the Cheese to My Cracker" (Cheese and Crackers) from Free Time Frolics
  65. "Have a colorful day" (Crayons) from Glued to My Crafts
  66. "You're A-Doh-able" (Play Doh) from Grace and Good Eats
  67. “Will you be mine?” (Toy Rings) from The Girl Creative 
  68. "You Make Me Laugh" (Laffy Taffy) from Creations by Kara
  69. “You are so tweet” (Birdseed) from Made With Happy 
  70. "A Big Bear Hug" (Gummy Bears) from Bloom Designs  
  71. “No Monkeying Around” (Rubber Monkeys) from Houseful of Handmade
  72. “You can’t erase my love” (Erasers) from Frenchie 
  73. "You're a Crazy Kid" (Crazy Straw) from Simplistically Living
  74. "You keep me in stitches" (Sewing Notions) from Atta Girl Says
  75. "It was a Treat to play on your team" (Rice Krispies Treats) from The Kim Six Fix
  76. “You’re A Cut Above” (Cookie Cutters) from The Scrap Shoppe 
  77. “You Make Me Feel Bubbly” (Bubbles) from Hello Splendid 
  78. “Sprinkled with Love” (Confetti) from Happiness is Homemade 
And if that is too much work (or your school doesn’t allow treats to be sent in) THESE Valentines require nothing more than printing them out! Almost as easy as those tiny little Valentines they sell at the drug store.
  1. Things I love about you list  From Kristen Duke 
  2. Word Search From The Happy Scraps
  3. Star Wars from the Jenny Evolution
  4. Tic Tac Toe from My Craftily Ever After
  5. Owl Pop Up from 733 Blog
  6. Checklist from My 3 Monsters
  7. Bookmark from Molly Moo
  8. Font Lovers/Typography from By Dawn Nicole 
  9. Snoopy/Peanuts from The Jenny Evolution
  10. Valentines Cards from The DIY Dreamer
  11. Build your own Olaf from Mom Endeavors 
  12. Giant Stamps from Wild Olive
  13. I Spy Game
  14. Thumbprint Characters
  15. Pizza from Live Laugh Rowe 
  16. Fruit Valentines
  17. Woodland Animals
  18. Unicorns
  19. Word Search
  20. Robots
  21. Owls
  22. Monkeys  from Artsy Fartsy Mama
I hope you have found a little inspiration on this list.  No more need for drug store Valentine's Day Cards!

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