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What Can You Make Out Of One Board? Amazing Things!

A few weeks back a bunch of DIY bloggers challenged our readers to see what they could come up with out of a single 8 foot 1x8 board.  At stake?  $1000 in Ryobi tools. 

Well, we asked.. and you guys delivered.  In case you missed the entries (which were all submitted on social media) today I'm sharing everyone's projects.  I am so impressed with the huge variety of builds that were created and I am awe stuck by all the talent and skill you guys have!  

I want to send out a big thank you to Ryobi for sponsoring this challenge and to the following blogs for participating:
Jen Woodhouse (aka "The Mastermind")

I know I speak on behalf of all the bloggers who participated in promoting this challenge when I say "You guys are amazing!"  Thank you so much for participating!

Entries are in random order.  Finalists (nominated by one or more of the bloggers hosting the giveaway) are indicated.  Final winner was decided by random draw from the nominated finalists:

Chasing a dream (Instagram)  **FINALIST**
Chasing a dream
 Nitch13 (Instagram)
Nitch13 (Instagram)
Nitch 13 stool
Kristan bullinger
Lindivs (Instagram)Lindivs
The Woodgrain Home (Instagram)Woodgrainhome

Ryan DeFeo (Facebook)

ACW Ply Designs (Facebook)

janet_l_a (Instagram) 
Janet l a
Shannon (Twitter) 
Shannon twitter

Megan Watson (Facebook) 

Shannon winerack (Twitter)
Shannone winerack

Paul Taylor (Facebook)

Prodigal Pieces (Instagram)
Prodigal pieces
Brooke Leigh (Facebook)

Vintage Doover (Instagram)

ACW Ply Designs (Facebook)

kacountrydecor (Instagram)Kacountrydecor
Dolce and Dogtags (Instagram) **FINALIST & WINNER**Dolce and dogtags
Sara Pelton (Instagram) Sara priton
Annabaileying  (Instagram) 
Annabaileying (Instagram)
Anna bailey ing
Becky (Twitter) 
 Mr. Build It (Instagram)  **FINALIST**
Mr build it
Sarahclrksn (Instagram) **FINALIST**
Anne  Design Dreams
Patio Workshop (instagram)
jradtraveler (Instagram)
agalyss11 (Instagram)
Gibson6891 (Instagram)
Christina M (Twitter)Christina m
Trudimcd (Instagram)Trudimcd
 meljos_place (instagram)
Meljos place
VeronicaRusse14 (Twitter)
Veronica russe
marykidder (Instagram)Marykidder
Kate Rusk (Instagram)
Kate rusk
Black mount
 Vendo21 (Instagram)
kdgaines  (Instagram) **FINALIST**Kdgaines 
The Urban Farmhouse (Instagram) 
Urban farmhouse
Smart Girls DIY (Instagram)
Smart girlsdiy
David Hale (Instagram)
Makeshift woodworker
Aquaholic529 (Instagram)Aquaholic529
The underground shop (instagram)
Boba underground
The underground shop (instagram) 
Vader underground
Rustic duck
Rustic Duck Woodworking (Instagram) **FINALIST**
Rustic duck lantern

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