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Customizable Chalkboard Banner from Wood Slices

Personalized Chalkboard Wood Slice Banner.  A great way to have a natural and organic element but flexible since you can change the writing on the slices to fit any season (christmas, easter, halloween, thanksgiving)
It is no secret that I have a deep long-standing love affair with wood slices.  I have a plethora of projects (like pumpkins and reindeer) where I’ve used wood slices and the fact I am seeing them more and more these days makes my heart happy.

So today, I once again present you with a wood slice project: A reusable chalkboard garland made of wood slices:
Wood slice banner on fireplace

This project is in conjunction with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers and Hometalk, as part of the Home For Fall blog hop. (There are a bunch of links at the bottom of this post, so make sure you scroll all the way to the end!)
Home for fall blog hop
It all started with this tree branch that blew down in our neighborhood.  If you recall I have a tiny backyard and so access to large branches or logs is extremely limited so this was a total score for me!
Good tree branch for wood slices
I loved this banner that Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches created, but I didn’t want it to be only usable for only one holiday.  I wanted more flexibility.. so I decided to go the chalkboard route.  (Like this and this and this and this and this.. apparently I like chalkboards as much as I like wood slices!)

I used my miter saw to cut it into 3/4 inch slices (the branch was in really rough shape and if the slices were thinner they would fall apart)
Cutting tree branch slides
Next I drilled a hole at the top of each one.Drilling through wood slice
The wood was really hard so this took a lot longer than I thought it would.Drilling wood slices for garland
Next I painted circles onto each slice with Rust-oleum’s chalkboard paint. I just eyeballed the circles although I could have cut a stencil out of contact paper if I wanted them to be perfect.  Since the wood slices weren’t perfect, I wasn’t sweating it about the circles: Chalk board painted wood slices
To hang them as a garland I tied a short segment of twine on each one. (At this point I thought how cute they would be as ornaments as well!!) Tie twine onto wood slices
Then I used chalk (or a chalkboard marker) to personalize them. Chalkboard wood slices
For right now I decided on the phrase G-I-V-E  T-H-A-N-K-S:

Hanging chalkboard wood slice garland
Fireplace garland out of branch slices
But I love the idea that I can use it for any season.  Like Christmas:

Joyeux noel chalkboard wood bannerWood slice christmas garland
But for now I’ve got my new rustic wood slice banner decked out for Thanksgiving!  And (of course) i love it!
Give thanks chalkboard wood slice banner

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