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Silver Serving Tray Chalkboard (Tutorial)

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I have been wanting to do this project for a really long time but I was never able to find a nice silver plate tray at the thrift shop. With an upcoming party I really wanted to find one so I could make a chalkboard menu board.  Luckily, this week, my wait paid off. 
I found the perfect tray:

It was actually an old golf trophy.  Engraved on it was:
"VHC 1993
 Mixed Mens 
3rd Flight 
It was pretty scratched up, and on sale for $4.  It was PERFECT.

First thing I did was tape off the edges:

And then used a razor blade to trim the tape around the scalloped edges so that the chalkboard would cover the complete flat surface of the bottom of the tray:

Before spraying make sure the cut edges of the tape are really pressed down really well:

Then I took it outside and sprayed it with 3 coats of chalkboard paint:

After removing the tape it looked great but it needed one more thing:

A quick polish:

It was so pretty!
All I had on hand was a giant stick of sidewalk chalk, so the writing wasn't my best work, but as soon as I run out for some chalkboard chalk I will all ready to tackle my serving menu!

Total cost for project: $8 ($4 for the tray and $4 for the paint)
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