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Personalized New Pet Welcome Gift Basket

Gather up pet care essentials and create a customized gift basket to celebrate the adoption of a new pet.

For a lot most pet owners, a pet is part of the family.  Before my children were born, my cat was my first ‘baby'.  The day you bring home a new pet is a momentous occasion to be celebrated.

So I thought it would be a fun idea to create a "New Pet Welcome Basket" to congratulate a family on their new addition.

This gift is actually really inexpensive, since I picked up most of the supplies at the dollar or grocery store, including a $1 food dish, that I used my Silhouette to personalize with the cat's name and some pawprints:
Labels for personalizing cat bowl

So much more special than a generic dish!
Personalized cat bowl
My basket also included: A collar, a food dish, a few cat toys, a little treat jar and a bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Cat Food (to stay with the fishing theme I used the Whitefish Flavor.)

Other ideas for things you could include: Treats, a leash, a brush, etc.
New pet welcome gift contents

I used a basket, a little 'fishing net' and some paper basket filler to present all the pet care items:

Isn't it a sweet idea to think a new pet gets to come home to a dish with their name on it?
Personalized cat bowl gift

Plus, by including Rachael Ray Nutrish in your gift basket, it helps get a new pet off to a great start. Rachael Ray's line of pet food (she also has a line for dogs) has zero grains, glutens or fillers, by products, artificial flavors or preservatives.  The number one ingredient is REAL whitefish.
New pet welcome gift
I have been feeding it to my own 'fur-baby' (Charlotte.. yes.. this bowl was actually for her!) and she loves it!
Cat enjoying Nutrish cat food
Plus I'd feel good buying it, since Rachael’s personal proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue, created to help shelter pets. As of today, over $9 million has gone toward food, medical supplies and treatments for animals in need.  
Cat licking her nose
You don't have to make a special trip to find Nutrish!  This is the first premium pet food brand that will be available at your grocery store, Target, Walmart or even Amazon!  

I'd love for you to let your pet try it.  Right now, if you buy Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Whitefish and Potato Recipe Cat Food, you can save $3 with this coupon!

To find out more about you can also follow Nutrish on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

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