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Egg Hunt Easter Mantel

Easter egg mantel
Well, it is about time I got this posted.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute!  My easter mantel is finally done!
Egg hun easter mantel

I thought this year I would showcase all the different types of Easter eggs I’ve been busy creating.
Buckets of easter eggs
And I threw in my DIY chalkboard arrow I made last week:Chalkboard Arrow Egg Hunt signI added a bunch of rabbits I had in my Easter stuff (I’ve gathered quite a collection!)
Easter Bunny and buckets of eggs
Egg hunt chalkboard sign

To give it a little more visual interest (vs just a line of buckets filled with eggs) I used some candlesticks to give it elevation.
Easter Eggs and BunniesI
Chalkboard egg hunt sign
Easter Mantel Eggs and Bunnies
Easter a time to rejoice
I found these light up LED egg garlands in the Dollar Spot for #3. Easter Egg MantleThey look cutest at night because they aren’t very bright during the day:
Glowing easter egg mantel
Easter fireplaceI hope you have a wonderful Easter!!

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