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Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Egg Cartons turned Flower Boquet
Teacher appreciation week is quickly approaching and it time to starting thinking about meaningful thank you gifts that come from the girls.   When I saw this egg carton flower wreath on Pinterest I knew the kids could make their own version.
Probably not as fancy as the original, but with a whole lot of love.

Luckily we had a cardboard egg carton (but you can buy them if you don't), and along with some green pipe cleaners (I guess technically they call them “chenille stems” these days.. but COME ON!!)  and craft paint (if you are doing this with kids and are worried about the mess you could also use washable), that is all you really need.
Kids egg carton craft
First we cut the tips off the center of the egg carton and saved them.. since we will use them later on down the line:Cardboard egg carton craft
Next we cut apart each individual cup and following the curve of the cardboard we were able to give them a scalloped edge. Cut apart egg carton
Next up, the fun part for the kids.. the PAINTING! Children painting
I gave the kids free reign of the colors and patterns they used.  Sure the end result was pretty wild, but it totally expressed their personalities.
Kids painting egg carton
We left the finished flowers out in the sun to dry:
Painted egg carton flowers
Next I used a scissors to puncture a hole in the back of the flower for the stem.  This is probably best done by an adult since the cardboard of the egg carton is tough.Cutting egg carton flowers
We poked a pipe cleaner though the hole (and if you want a center on the flower you can add one of those little centers we cut off in the first step.  Bend over the tip of the pipe cleaner so it won’t pull out and that is all there is to it. Egg carton daffodil
Super easy and kid friendly:Egg carton cardboard daffodilAnd the best part about our bouquet is that it will never die.   Cardboard flowersWe did add it to a thrift store vase I picked up for a dollar (you can also find them online), or your little one could just hand the teacher a fist full of egg carton flowers too.. that would be equally darling:Egg carton flower bouquetI would bet a teacher would think these flowers are just as great at the real deal!
Egg carton flowers

This post is part of the Craft Lightening Teacher Appreciation Blog Hop hosted by Country Chic Cottage, 30 minute Crafts and Mad In Crafts.


I have also put together a supply list if you are interested in making your own bouquet:

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