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Wood Slice Deer Head Silhouette Pallet Art

Pallet and wood deer silhouetteToday is one of those posts that I am just so excited about, I am sharing it with you less than 12 hours after I finished it.  I just can’t hold out!

Now that my first Christmas mantel is complete, I am moving on to the other side of the fireplace.  Since I just updated it with stacked stone, I wanted a really rustic look (similar to last year) and so I knew I was going to make another one of my (infamous) pallet signs.

Assembly was exactly like the previous versions, and once again I stained the wood dark brown so the design would show up well.
How to make pallet wood art
So far I’ve only stenciled and painted the previous designs so this time I wanted to do something more dimensional.  I had a couple bags of wood slice vase filler left over from my dollar store wood slice pumpkin project and I thought they would be easy to work with.

To go with the rustic/woodsy theme I decided to use a stag head silhouette.  They seem to be everywhere and so I thought I would jump onto that bandwagon.  I just googled “Deer Head Silhouette” and then printed one out that was approximately 3 feet x 4 feet tall.:
Deer head on reclaimed lumber
Then I used a pencil to trace the design by pressing heavily on the line.  The pencil leaves a dent in the soft wood that is very easy to see:
Tracing onto reclaimed wood
And then it was just a matter of gluing on the slices:
Gluing on wood slices
One by one..
Gluing wood slice art
..by one. Deer head out of wood slices
The entire process took me a little under 6 hours.  But when I was done, I was SOOO happy with the result:
Completed deer head
I didn’t add anything else.  (See? Easiest tutorial ever!)  I propped the sign up on my mantel (the full reveal is coming up this weekend) and that was it.
Deer head wood slice art
When I was conceptualizing the project I was actually worried you wouldn’t be able to tell what the silhouette shape was. I thought you would be too distracted by the texture/shape of the slices:Wood slice deer head
But I don’t think that is the case at all.  It is abundantly clear that it is a deer’s head. Wooden circle deer headAnd from a distance back, you barely can see the individual slices:Deer head pallet wood art
This has definitely become one of my most favorite projects I’ve done.  I will be sad when the holidays are over and I have to take it down.  I may need to go with a ‘hunting lodge’ theme living room, so I can leave it up all year round! Deer silhouette wood slice art

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