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Christmas Mantel: The Stars Are Brightly Shining

Christmas mantel with stars in gold silver and red. BEAUTIFUL!My first Christmas Mantel of the season is finally complete!  This year I wanted to do a design that was a little more modern and stream lined vs my typically more rustic or kid friendly versions.  I decided on highly graphic stars and I love how they stand out.
Star christmas mantelI countered the non-traditional star grouping with the line “The Stars Are Brightly Shining” from the Christmas Hymn “O Holy Night."

Stars are brightly shining
Stars are brightly shining mantelI found the two large stars at Ikea on clearance last year, and the gold star (which is metal) was also on sale at a local boutique.  I have been saving them all year to do something like this.  The three small stars are from the dollar store and I bought them this year to complete the collection.
The Stars Are Brightly Shining BannerThe banner is made from red glittered card stock that I cut on my Silhouette.  The letters are glue gunned onto two pieces of quilting thread (to keep them from rotating.  This was by far the trickiest part of the mantel.  I could have just taped them up onto the fireplace directly, but in person they look like they are magically floating, and I love it.
The Stars Are Brightly ShiningThe greenery is traditional, and a lot like all my other Christmas mantels.  I know what I like and this is it!
Reindeer poinsettiasOnce again I picked up the 99 cent Home Depot black Friday poinsettias so I had to use them here along with a few other silver accessories.
Red gold silver star mantel
Stars mantle
 My plans for the other newly remodeled fireplace are much more rustic and less colorful, but I am not sure I can top this.  It came out better than I ever imagined!

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