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Patriotic Burlap Stars (Pottery Barn Knockoff)

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Originally I wasn't going to participate in this month's Silhouette Challenge.  I mean, it wasn't like my blog lacked Silhouette projects this month.. (like here, here, here and here..)

However.. when I saw these burlap stars show up on my Facebook page, I KNEW I had to knock them off.
Pb stars
There wasn’t much to them, and for $30 I could make a whole galaxy of stars. What better excuse to drag out my Silhouette? (Oh, who am I kidding.. it never leaves the dining room table..)
Yes I am obsessed with my Silhouette and no, they don't pay me to say that! 

There are also a bunch of other awesome "Patriotic" themed Silhouette projects included at the end of this post.. so be sure to visit those too.

Here is what my finished monthly project looks like handing by the front porch:
Pottery barn burlap stars
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To make them I first cut strips of burlap.  However wide you want your star, your strip needs to approximate HALF that wide.  The wider the strips are the longer they have to be (My really large stars actually required two strips).

The ratio of length is about 1:6 (so 10 inch wide strips should be 60 inches long and will result in a 20 inch wide star.)

Next I had to make stencils.  I used dollar store contact paper and cut out stars with my Silhouette:
Star stencil from contact paperSure, you could use vinyl, but contact paper is cheaper, and cuts just as well.  This is the EXACT stuff I use. (I know it is hard to see in the photo above but if you look close you can see the stars.)

If you have a silhouette and have never tried contact paper/shelf liner, you should. Just use the same settings you would for vinyl and then reduce the pressure 1-2 notches. 

It is much easier to see my stencils once they are actually on the burlap:Silhouette cut stencils on burlap
I also I used some of my favorite Frog Tape Shape Tape (the same stuff I used on my curtains) to make large waves.
Painting stripes
I used regular old craft paint and colored in the strips:
Stencil wavey lines
And the stars..
Stenciling stars on burlap
At this point I was so delighted with the look I almost stopped and called it a ‘table runner’ but then I decided I needed to keep my eyes on the prize.  (I am seriously going to whip up a table runner like this though.. it was just so cute!)
Painting burlap stars stripes
Next you have to form the stars.  They key to keeping the folds in place is spray starch (the stiffer the better.)  Just follow the bottle’s instructions (but usually it is something like ‘spray the fabric and allow to dry slightly before ironing’)
Spray starch for burlap
Just make sure you paint is dry before spraying with the starch or you will end up with a sticky mess!
Creased burlap fanFold and press the burlap like a fan.
Folding burlap fan
I made the folds about an inch wide. The pottery barn version had wider folds, but I liked the look of more folds.
Once you are done you want to fan out the strip into a circle and glue the two short ends together:
Gluing star fan
To keep the center from opening up, put a big glob of glue in the center (Yes, you will need LOTS of glue.)
Glue gun burlap fan
I actually glued from the front and the back and even faced the ends of each fold together with a dot of glue.
Pottery barn knock off
At this point you want to lay out all your stars and let them dry.  The spray starch and the hot glue need to really set for them to maintain their shape before you hang them vertically.

You also can core up the unfinished centers with a small circle of burlap (I didn’t think the centers of mine were terrible looking, but in order to make them look more like the Pottery Barn original I decided to add the circles):
Red white burlap fan
I think it is a pretty good replica:
Painted knock off pottery barn stars
Once they are dry, you can glue on a string in order to hang them.  I used twine like on my burlap banner.
Pottery barn replica
Fouth of july flower burlap

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