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Stenciled Curtains: Vertical Accent Stripes (Waves)

In the nursery I knew I wanted to try painting some cheap Ikea curtains for a more custom look. (I decided on one pair of Lenda tab-top curtians which were less than $20!) I also thought, that because there was already so much color and pattern in the room,  I would have to make the curtains more subtle than I had originally planned. 

Using this photo as my new inspiration:
And my version:

How did I get that cool shape?

I used the new Wave Shape Tape by FrogTape (this IS NOT a sponsored post.. I just had a free sample of it from my swag bag at Haven.)
image courtesy FrogTape
To get the pattern I wanted, I needed two strips (one for each side of the wave.) In order to conserve tape I used a scissors to cut it down the middle:

And then I stuck it down on the curtain with the wavy sides facing each other (cut sides out):

I used a relatively dry brush with some leftover red sample paint to color in the stencil:

Here is the finished pattern:

I repeated the stripe approximately 6 inches from each end of the curtain:

Here is what they look like hanging in the room:
 I do love how they add a tiny pop of color without being large heavy stripes.

It isn't a huge detail, but it does make a big difference. Check out the before and after:

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