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DIY Etched Beer Stein and Peanuts Father's Day Gift

Personalized Beer and Peanuts Fathers Day Gift
My father and father-in-law have a pretty good sense of humor about the often difficult task of child-rearing, so for Father’s Day this year I decided to send them the ‘manly' gift of beer steins and peanuts. (Yes the whole “nuts” and “dad” thing is becoming a trend with me.. I know..)

If you wanted a slightly more serious version of this gift idea you could just give the a personalized mug or stein without the nuts, but I wanted to be a little over-the-top.
Fathers day personalized beer mug
I used my silhouette to make the stencils for the mugs, but if you don’t have one there are other ways of making stencils for etching.

The etching process is super easy, I was always intimidated before, but now that I have it under my belt, I will definitely be etching a lot more stuff!

First I started with these mugs.  The large one from the dollar store ($1) and the small one from Ikea ($1.29).
Glass steins
I cut the stencils out of vinyl (from the Silhouette etching kit) and applied them to the glasses:
Stencil for etched glass
Then I applied etching cream with a cotton swab (again I used Silhouette brand out the etching kit, but I have also heard good things about Armour Etch if you don’t need the whole kit):
Etching cream
Make sure the cream covers evenly.. any gaps or bubbles will give you an uneven finish.  (Every 10 seconds or so I would re-swirl the cream around with the swab to make sure everything was covered.)
Etching glass
You can scrape any excess cream back into the container and re-use it (I didn’t have a lot of extra as you can see but you can apply it more heavily if you feel more comfortable with it).  I then ran it under running water.

Don’t try to wipe it off since you will inevitably get some off the edges of your stencil and mark up the glass.  The water will immediately neutralize the acid.
Rinsing off etching cream
I left it on the mugs about a minute and a half, You can leave it longer, but I was happy with the look after 1:30.
Etching glass mug
Remove the stencil and that is all there is to it:
Removing etching stencil
On my dad’s stein I wrote his name on one side:
Personalized etched mug
and put the German eagle on the other (this is a beer STEIN after all..):
German eagle etched stein
On my father in law’s mug I wrote his first name on one side and “World’s Greatest Grandpa” on the other.
Worlds greatest grandpa beer mug
I loved how they came out, but I wanted to fill them with something:
Worlds greatest grandpa personlized stein
What goes perfectly with a frosty mug of beer? Why peanuts in the shell of course:
Peanuts in beer glass
To keep the peanuts in, I wrapped the whole thing in cellophane and added the tags:
Beer and peanuts fathers day
I made the tags out of card stock:
Fathers day gift tag
Here is the image if you would like to use it (I used the print and cut setting on my Silhouette to make them but you could just print them and cut them out and then punch the hole with a hold punch)
Happy Fathers Day Nuts and Beer
I love the final product.  Funny and personal and CHEAP (total cost is less than $5 for two!)  Personalized beer fathers gift
Bottoms up!

Love you dad!

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