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Easy DIY Rae Dunn Inspired Ornaments (Video Tutorial)

If you haven’t heard about the Rae Dunn Pottery Phenomenon yet, you clearly aren’t hanging around on Instagram.  Rae Dunn has a white rustic pottery line with distinctive lettering that has become the darling of the blogging world. Rae Dunn Ornaments
So of course, now that Christmas is almost here, it is time to jump on that trend to create Rae Dunn inspired ornaments that reflect that same style. DIY rae dunn ornaments
I used my Cricut to create these and I thought I would put together a quick video and list of supplies I used in case you want to try your own version!
Supplies for rae dun ornaments

Rae Dunn Inspired Christmas Balls Supply List:

The font I used was Skinny from DaFont (Please note this is NOT a commercially licensed font so if you are making these for resale, you need to find a different version.)

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Video Tutorial:

Photo Tutorial:

Step 1:
Using your Cricut cut your text out of permanent vinyl. I tried to make the letters about 1.5 inches tall. The longer phrases I made the letters short so you could read the entire text from the front of the ornamentRae Dunn style words
Step 2:
Weed the vinyl. I love this “probe set” (I hate that name.. but basically they are dental picks) from Harbor Freight for my weeding. Weeding vinyl lettering for rae dunn ornaments
Step 3:
Using a scraper or even a spatula works, cover your text with a small piece of transfer tape or contact paper (I try to make it as small as possible, since it will be easier to apply if there is less overhang.
Transfering lettering onto ornamentStep 4:
Snip transfer paper between the letters, this will make it easier to apply them to the curve of the ballTrimming vinyl for transfer on curve
Step 5:
Apply the letters to the ball, pressing down from the center and working out. Applying letter at a time. Adding rae dunn words to ornamentsStep 6:
Remove contact paper carefully, and press down the individual letters again with your finger.. to make sure they are stuck down completely. Removing transfer paper on rae dunn ornamentStep 7:
I used two layers of ribbon for the bows. A burlap and a plaid flannel.  You can get very different looks depending the ribbon you choose. Adding ribbon to ornamentsStep 8:
I put both ribbons through the ornament hanger, with the front ribbon on top.
Adding ribbon to ornamentStep 9:
Tie the front ribbon around the hanger and the back ribbon so the center knot matches the front ribbon
Trying knots with two ribbonsStep 10:
Clip ribbon ends at an angle.How to trim ends of ribbons
 IIf you fold the ribbon longways and cut at an angle out, you will get the ‘cat ear’ look, which is my favorite way to end ribbon.
Trimmed ornament ribbonThe finished version are so cute! I just love how they came out.

Rae dunn inspired projectThey cost a little less than 50 cents each to make..and it is a great way to get rid of those tiny pieces of scrap vinyl. Vinyl Rae Dunn ornaments
I lift my Rae Dunn mug as for a toast!   MERRY CHRISTMAS!
A super fast FIVE MINUTE method for making Rae Dunn Inspired christmas ornaments. There is even a step by step video tutorial that walks you through the process in real time!

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