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Flashback Friday: Reassessing My Goals and March In Review

Welcome to another edition of Flashback Friday!  Can you believe that 2014 is already ONE QUARTER over?  Since I only have 75% of the year left, I am stepping back to make sure that I’m still on track with the goals I set for myself back in January in order to make 2014 AWESOME!
Since you don’t remember what they were (heck, I can't remember what they were) let me remind you: I had 5 blogging and 5 project goals for the year.

Blogging goals:
1. Find my voice:  I wrote about that extensively back in February, and I feel the same way still.  I have been trying to focus on putting out the best quality content I can, and not worrying so much about all the background noise out there.  There will always be more successful bloggers and there will always be less successful ones.. and I can’t compare myself to them. I just have to be the best *me*

2. Social media: Honestly? I’m doing much better at this.  I have actually gotten a handle on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Google+!  (I’m even hosting a big Google+ plus party with Amanda from MommyisCooCoo next month!)  Soon I might even add StumbleUpon to my repertoire!   I’m not spending nearly as much time on them as I used to, but am still interacting with a lot of readers and other bloggers.  It has been pretty wonderful.

3. Attend Haven and BlogHer 2014: I HAVE MY PASSES AND AIRPLANE TICKETS!!

4. Flashback Fridays:  Nailed it!

5. Reply to Comments: I’m getting much better! As of today, I’m only one or two posts behind! That is HUGE for me!

Project goals:
1. Master Bedroom: I’ve pinned some ideas on Pinterest!   Not exactly progress, but at least I’m thinking about it.

2. Sewing Studio:  *crickets*

3. Stairway Makeover: I think I am going to tackle this project next month for the One Room Challenge on Calling it Home.  Since I did it last year and knocked out the baby’s nursery in under 6 weeks, I think the staircase should be no problem.. even with a toddler underfoot.

4. Girls Bedroom: That place is just too darn messy to even think about tackling.

5. Update all the door hardware: I have been sleeping on this, and I think I am going to bite the bullet and buy all new door hardware.  Originally I was going to spray paint it all (again) but I decided I want lever handles instead.  No more knobs.  Go big or go home!! These are the ones I’m eyeballing (Commonweath by Kwikset).. but I need to shop around a little. I also am not 100% set on black vs. bronze.  
Kwickset lever door handle

Okay.. so I'm not doing super great on the "project goals" front.. but what can I say?  I keep getting distracted!!  And since it is the last Friday in March I thought I would do a quick roundup of all my latest (and greatest) projects for the last few months (basically what I have been doing in lieu of a complete master bedroom makeover):

DIY and Home Improvement Projects:




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  1. i hesistated about attending haven although it's practically in my backyard. in the end i went for it and i'm so glad i did - if only to put a real face to the blogs. looking forward to seeing you there!

  2. I'm going to Haven too! So excited about it! :)

  3. I'm so jealous! I want to attend a conference. I was so sure there was one here in Raleigh, but it's not popping up on my Google searches. Bummer...not sure how far I'm willing to travel for a conference yet.

    I love how organized this post is too. Great job on your goals!

  4. I know there are a TON of blog conferences in the NC area (I used to live in Durham!) Just keep you ears open.. i'm sure you hear about one!

  5. Totally keeping me ear to the ground.


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