The Kim Six Fix: Custom Star Wars Stormtrooper Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Tutorial)

Custom Star Wars Stormtrooper Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (Tutorial)

I confess.. I am a geek girl.   I LOVE Star Wars.  I can't help myself.

Also.. Ever since I've gotten my Silhouette I've wanted to deck out my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  I have seen so many great ideas to dress up that boring appliance, I loved the thought of making mine more personalized.

So this project is where those two loves meet.

My mixer is more than 15 years old.  I got it when I got married and back in 'the old days' the only color it came in was white.  So when I decided I was going to dress it up, a lot of the ideas I liked weren't going to work.  I needed to start with something that was mostly WHITE to begin with..

Something like.. a STORMTROOPER!
image source

The rounded top of my mixer and the big black attachment port reminded me exactly of a stormtrooper's helmet.  So that was my starting off point.

The first thing I did was sketch out what exactly I wanted on each part of the mixer with dry erase marker:

Then I googled for the images I wanted, and printed them out to check the scale.

I used my Silhouette to cut out the images out of vinyl.
I decided to use Oracal 651 which is permanent exterior vinyl. I picked this type vs. the removable stuff because I knew this mixer would get a lot of wear and tear. I needed to be able to wash it etc.  


The image after I removed the excess vinyl ("weeded" it.)

To transfer the vinyl I used transfer paper

Before applying it to the mixer I made sure it was really really clean. (I am not sure my mixer has been cleaner in the past 15 years!)

After applying the vinyl there was quite a bit of puckering on the round surface.  It is possible to adjust the cut image to take into account the curve, but I am taking the lazy route (yes.. I'm sure hard care Silhouette users are gasping right now!) 

To fix the puckers I just snipped the vinyl with a scissors

And stuck it back down with a slight overlap:

When I was done, you would never know the difference: 

I repeated the process with all the other images and text:

 I decided on the phrases "May the forks be with you"  and "Eat this soon you will" since I wanted the whole thing to be a little toungue in cheek.  I mean, come on! This is a STAR WARS MIXER!

On the mixer stand I decided I would have a "dark side" and the "good side."  I used Darth Vader,  a Tie Fighter and the symbol of the Galactic Alliance on one side:

Princess Leia, and X-wing and the symbol of the Rebel Alliance was on the other:

Plus I think the storm trooper on top is perfect.  The curve of the mixer and the white background is EXACTLY like I imagined it.

I definitely have the geekiest mixer on the block! 

And it looks great sitting on my kitchen counter:

We bake cookies! 

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