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Industrial Ceiling Fan Makeover Using Vintage Mattress Springs

When I redid the baby's nursery with the nautical theme, I was stuck with an ugly ceiling fan and a tiny budget.  Removing it completely wasn't an option because this room is over the garage and really NEEDS a ceiling fan (I personally am a ceiling fan hater, but you do what you have to do!)

Here is what the fan looked like back when the room was an office/guest bedroom:

Builders grade white with some pretty awful frosted glass tulip shades.  Not at ALL the look I was going for.   And once the room was in progress it was very clear the ceiling fan style didn't fit in:

What I really wanted was a more industrial, nautical or even retro look.  When I was googling for ceiling fan styles I came across this one and really liked the look:
However.. it was almost FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!  That would be 1/3 of my whole budget.  Yeah.. not happening.

As fate would have it though, as I was walking through the flea market, looking for treasures I stumbled upon a box of vintage bed springs for $1 each. 
I immediately thought I could replace the shades with these,and give the whole ceiling fan a new look. If it didn't work out, I was only out $3 (and would have to pass up a Starbucks one day just to pay myself back.)

Luckily I was pleased as punch (and happily sipped a latte) when I got them home and found out that they were almost the EXACT SAME SIZE:

The bed spring gods were smiling on me. I was able to cut off one end off using a hacksaw (these suckers were some hard steel, so that was no small feat) so the top diameter was exactly the same.

Using the exsisting mounting screws, I replaced the shades with the newly shortened springs.

To keep with the retro feel, I added some Edison bulbs and the makeover was complete.  

Before you mention it.
I did think of painting the fan, which would be easy to do, however, I decided against it for a number of reasons.

1. I didn't want the fan to stand out from the ceiling.  
I don't want to draw your eye to it if I don't have to.  Remember, I HATE ceiling fans. Here is what it looks like in the completed room.  It is part of the decor without being distracting:

2. The room is already very dark, and Edison bulbs aren't as bright as regular bulbs. 
I really need what light they do give to bounce off the ceiling and fan blades. But they sure are beautiful when they are lit up.. I love the warm glow:

3. If I go to sell the house, which I hope to do sooner than later, white is a lot more buyer-friendly.  
I can always put the 'cliche' frosted glass shades back on if I have to.  (But it would kill me to do so!)

Is it ideal? No.

Would I rather have the $400 one?  Definitely.

Is it pretty good for $3?  Absolutely.

 The perfect KIM SIX FIX! 

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  1. kelly @ view along the wayJanuary 7, 2014 at 9:23 PM

    No way! That is so creative!!

  2. Very cool, Kim!

  3. I love, love, love this! I would never have thought to use bed springs on a ceiling fan. So awesome. Also, great find- bed springs for a dollar apiece?! Wish I could stumble across a deal like that!

  4. LOL...I love it. That turned out so nice.

  5. Super cute idea!

  6. I know! Right? There is a great HUGE flea market in Alameda (a suburb of Oakland/San Francisco) and they have so many vendors with such similar stuff, the prices have to be competitive!

  7. I am happily featuring this at Tickled Pink Times Two tomorrow at our next party! Thanks for linking up. You did a fabulous job!!


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