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Red and White Winter Snowman Mantle

Now that Christmas is over,  I have finally taken down both my formal and fun Christmas mantles. But as I was packing up the holiday decorations, I put all my little snowman figurines in a big grouping on the table and I just couldn't wrap them in paper and tuck them away.. not just yet.

These little resin cuties are from the dollar store!
So instead of going back to a nondescript, non-seasonal mantle, I decided instead to embrace the frigid weather (the rest of you are having.. it is still pretty warm in this part of Northern California) and put together a winter mantle. 
Aren't these adorable? My mom made them out of dried gourds!
First I lined up my little snowman collection along the mantle..

And then added silver and red accents, like this bottlebrush tree and little sled (I got in a great after-Christmas clearance):

I didn't get to use my iced wreath this year, so this was finally my chance. (I love the sparkles!)

I also had this silver tree I found last year post-Christmas at Pier 1.

The silver snowflake swag was also a clearance purchase this year (I wish they had more than one, it is too skimpy for me!)

On the hearth I used some lanterns and the poinsettias I had leftover from my front porch.  They have done well all winter, you can hardly tell they are a few months old!  

I also had this cute board snowman (he is just a 1x4 with a notched neck and painted.)

I told you I have quite a snowman collection!

Not a bad way to bring a little bit of winter to sunny California!

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  1. I love snowmen in January - they are perfect ad deserve their time in the spotlight! Pretty wreath...I think I have that in red...but I like the icy look better.

  2. Your winter mantle turned out super cute. I never know what to do with mine in January. Thanks so much for stopping by chapter37 and for your kind comment!

  3. The tile surround is stunning!!! I should share my lumpy peach tile around my fireplace . Plus it has adhesive stuck when I took an old insert out. Love yours!

  4. It is sooo funny that you say that Cathy! The surround is honed travertine, and it is okay, but I don't love it. I actually am considering covering it up with airstone. Like they did here: http://simplykierste.com/2013/05/fireplace-makeover-airstone.html But you are making me look at it with fresh eyes!

  5. Too funny! I have a red one too! Iced "berries" sort of! I am saving that one for Valentine's day!


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