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Why 2014 Is Going To Be Awesome!

Okay, maybe that title is a little bit of an exaggeration, but it always best to be optimistic!
I am not a girl who normally makes New Years resolutions, and this year will not be an exception to that rule.  However, in 2014 I do need to get my act together.  I was barely keeping up with the holidays last year, and in order to get everything done I had to put some things on the back burner that shouldn't have been. That was my bad.

I need to get organized, get focused and PRIORITIZE.   I have certain projects that have been on my "To Do" list for a long time.  2014 is the year I am going to knock them out!

I've been having a much harder time finding the time to do some of the bigger projects now that the baby is getting older and napping less.  Those big blocks of time are gone, and so I am really confined to DIYing during the nights and weekends when my husband is home to help with the kids. With the limited time in the day I can't be goofing off! 

Therefore, in 2014 I want to try to be a little more accountable. I'm going to share with you my top 5 "to do" items in three categories (Home Improvement, Blogging and Personal Life).  My intention is to focus on getting these projects done this year, to make them a priority.

Home Improvement Project Priorities 

1. Master Bedroom Complete Overhaul
Right now the master bedroom is still the way it was the day we moved in. 
 I would love to start from scratch in there (like I did with the baby's nursery) and deal with some of the quirks of that room (like not originally having doors!) 
 I think this will be my most difficult project in this category.
2. Sewing Studio Complete Overhaul
I have at least started this room.  
But there is an entire wall of oak that needs to be tackled.  I would LOVE to an awesome ceiling treatment on those vaulted ceilings.  Oh.. so many possibilities.

3. Finish Stairway Makeover
I am happy with how my stair bannister makeover came out, but the oak risers on those steps have been driving me batty.  In 2014 I vow to paint those suckers! 

4. Update the Girls' Bedroom
This one may seem strange, since I have had a big reveal of the 'after' of the girls' room, but you have to remember that was back when my (now) 4 year old was in a crib.  
Since then we got a big bunk bed and rearranged a lot of the room.  The girls still love it, but it could use a refreshing.  Not a major project, but still something I need to actually focus on or it is never going to get done.

5. Update ALL the brass hardware in the house
 Right now I am living in a hodge podge world of original brass, some spraypainted brushed nickel, and even a few oil rubbed bronze knobs on the doors.  
I have told myself for more than a year that I have to pick one color and finish them ALL.  But I just haven't gotten around to it.

Blog Improvement Projects

1. Find my voice
I have been working on trying to make the blog feel more like a conversation and less like a school lecture.  I don't think my goofy personality is coming out enough sometimes.  It has been a balancing act of writing where it is clear that I know what I'm talking about (and you can take me seriously), while also making it fun to read.  
 If you want the 'everyday' version of Kim, you should definitely find me on facebook, instagram and twitter (and even Pinterest) since that is where I goof off the most.  (And heck, with a username like Kimb0Bimb0 would you expect any less?)

2. Get more organized with my social media
This goes along with goal number 1.  If I can't be a dorkball here, I will definitely be a dorkball there.. but I have to make it easier for you to find me.
I need to get much better at using those platforms to connect with you people.  I am often on twitter in the wee hours of morning, when everyone is asleep.  Being in the Pacific timezone isn't helping either (plus I have to avoid Downton Abbey spoilers!)  I am hoping by having a decent strategy (and not my current "oh hey.. look.. twitter.. cool!") I can be a more regular presence.
3. Attend Haven and BlogHer 2014
Haven Alum
Like.. duh.  This one will be super easy. 

4. Introduce Flashback Fridays
This is something I have been thinking of for a long long time, and of course I didn't ever do it.   Because my blog is 4 years old, there are a TON of old posts that need to be re-vamped and brought back to life.   I have an entire kitchen makeover that has barely seen the light of day.  
So every Friday I want to revive an old post.. Clean it up, make it pretty again. (Wow, I am starting to sound like the Rehab Addict!)

5. Reply to comments.. really
I know I have been a slacker about this. I love ALL the comments that get left on my blog.  When my email alerts *ding* I get so excited. 
 I haven't been good at responding because, well, I don't know why.  It was just something that fell to the bottom of the list (it was above ironing and washing windows however!)  So again I say: 2014! It will be the YEAR OF THE COMMENT REPLY!

Personal Life Improvement Priorities
1. Take better care of myself
2. Take better care of myself
3. Take better care of myself
4. Take better care of myself
5. Take better care of myself
The one thing I really really really want to work on this year is eating better, getting more sleep, maybe even start running again.  I think one of the big reasons I have been so frazzled lately, is because I just don't feel AWESOME.  I don't necessarily feel BAD, but I know I could feel better.  
Again it comes down to priorities.  For some reason I can find plenty of time to watch a 5 hour marathon of House Hunters (my favorite show EVER!) but I can't take 20 minutes to get my eyebrows waxed. (Okay.. full disclosure.. I actually get my eyebrows threaded.  It totally lasts longer!) 

I also haven't lost my baby weight yet (not for lack of NOT trying.. seeing as how I am currently eating this.. and this.. and this.. well, you get the idea.)  

For inspiration I found this cool website that lets you made a virtual model of yourself at your current and goal weight.  I wanted to share the "before and after" me.  
Now.. I just have to make the AFTER a reality! No problem.. right?  

Hey.. remember what I said about being OPTIMISTIC!

Here is looking forward to 2014! 

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  1. Outstanding article. Figured out my sign in issue....already registered with Disqus! I'm such a dufus.

  2. Great list of goals! Good luck in 2014! I'm sure it'll be awesome for you!

  3. Kim -- great job on completing so much in 2013. I'm sure you'll do the same in 2014 and make it even better!


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