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Back To School! (Teacher Thank You Printable)


My girls are getting excited about school starting soon.  (Our town goes back next week!) Boy the summer has flown by!  I dug up last year's first-day-of-school photos and they look so little.

Here is E, at the time entering first grade:

And here is J, on her first day of 3-year old pre-school:

This year we thought we would start the year off right by giving our teachers a little gift to show our appreciation for all they do.   I knew that most teachers have plenty of hand lotion and coffee cups, so I went the gift card route.  But not the standard coffee shop gift card.. Oh no.  I wanted to think outside the box..

Of course!  Who doesn't love hamburgers and the dollar spot? (Not to mention, I needed to use places that would generate a phrase that actually made sense!)

A good teacher comes "In-n-Out" of our lives, but they always keep us on "Target"

I whipped this printable in photoshop (you can download the pdf here), glued it onto cardstock and then used double stick tape to attach the gift cards to the back.
Easy, cute and little bit different..   Perfect!

Hopefully the teachers enjoy it. They are definitely in for quite the year!
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Here are a few links to other teacher gift ideas I have used in the past, most of which could be modified for the start of school, the holidays, teacher appreciation week etc:

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  1. As a teacher I think that is so sweet. And yes... we have tons of coffee cups and as of lately tumbler mugs. We still do like Starbucks, but who doesn't like Target and In and Out!


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