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My Top 10 School Valentine Projects

Since I have three kids, over the years I have shared quite a few school Valentine ideas on the blog  So today I thought, instead of making you scroll back through the archives I would instead bring them all to you in one post, so you can find them all in one place.

 I took the 12 posts that were the most popular (based on the number of people who had viewed the post and/or clicked and downloaded the file, if one was available.

 #1. Matchbox Car Valentine

 #2 Award Winning Valentine

 #3 Olaf Build a Snowman Valentine

 #4  I'd Fall to Pieces Valentine

 #5  Homemade Crayon Valentine

 #6  Flower Seed Valentines

 #7  Pearler Bead Valentine

 #8  Googlie Eye Valentine

 #9  Swedish Fish Valentine

 #10 Flower Grow Kit Valentine

 And since everyone loves free printables to make Valentine's day easier.. I thought I'd throw in this bonus:  100 Free Printable Valentines.  If you don't like anything in the top 10, you are sure to find something here:

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