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Swedish Fish Valentines (How to)

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 I originally saw this idea on Pinterest as a child's Valentine for classmates. And just so you don't think I am that on the ball, and already working on Valentines for this year I need to disclose that we actually used these as a classroom birthday favor.  
However, since it is supposed to be for Valentine's Day I thought I would post it now so anyone else who wanted to make a version could see how I made mine.   The original version had the fishbowl as a printable with the wording behind the fish.  To make it easier to read I decided to put tags on the closure and leave the fishbowl blank. 
The supplies you will need are:
White (and whatever color you want for the label) cardstock
Scrapbooking paper that looks like water (I used bubbles)
Cellophane treat bags
Swedish Fish (You also could use Goldfish Crackers)

You also need a glue stick, stapler, pencil and scissors.

To make my version I first made a circle on white cardstock using a coffee cup (I made sure the width of the cup wasn't wider than the treat bags so they would lie flat. 
 I then modified the circle to look more like a fishbowl:

Cut out the final fishbowl shape and you can then use it as a template to trace out multiples.  Repeat that process for the water shape at the bottom of the bowl. Once you have your water and fish bowls cut out, glue them together and insert them into the cellophane bags:

Add a handful of Swedish fish to each bag.  (One large bag of candy was enough for me to do 20 valentines) 

I printed labels on red cardstock (to match the fish) which read:
"I'm so happy we are in the same SCHOOL!" 

Remember to print the labels twice as wide as you want the final label to be so you can fold them in half and staple them to the top of the folded down bag:

Aren't they just the cutest things?  And I personally LOVE Swedish Fish.. and confess to buying an extra bag just to snack on while I worked on this project.  

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