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Getting excited about Valentine's Day 2013!

As I get older I am getting more "into" Valentine's Day than I used to be.  Maybe it is because when I was younger it always felt like such a Hallmark holiday.  In fact, as our own little thumb nosing towards V-day, my husband and I go to Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner.  We have done it EVERY SINGLE YEAR since we started dating (in college.)  It is tradition. Never crowded, you don't need a reservation and you don't have to dress up.  Plus now we can even bring the kids. 

And although this year's holiday will involve another trip to KFC, I do admit I am a tad bit delighted to see pink hearts and chubby cupids.  I'm currently working on my Valentine's mantle and figuring out what to do with the kids for their Valentines exchange at school.
Last year I was limited by my low budget January challenge, but still ended up with a zero dollar mantlescape:

 My favorite part was the paint chip heart garland, which I will be re-purposing again this year:

We made homemade crayons for school valentines previously, and now that I used my favorite Swedish Fish idea already, I am still on a mission to find another great idea. 

I also whipped up some chocolate coated strawberries for my husband for a mere $5 last year, and so now I have set the bar. I've gotta figure out something else to go along with that popcorn chicken...

...but that is okay, since Valentine's day isn't sooo bad after all!

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  1. I admit I've got a bit of mantle envy. We've just got a wood stove at our house. Your heart garland has such pretty colors! Oh and I love your fish valentines too! Adorable!!



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