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Master Bathroom Renovation: Lighting Plans

I can't believe I am entering the 4th month of this bathroom remodel.  Honestly, it could be done already, but I am only working on it every so often, things just seem to be getting in the way. 

Now that I finally have new countertops, and the shower and tub are done, the next step is to work on a new lighting plan. 

I have a bunch of problems with the current lighting that is over the vanity.  I have upgraded the can lights throughout the rest of the bathroom, so they will stay, but the lighting that matters most is a mess. 

   Here is what the vanity area looked like before:

Notice how the lights aren't actually centered over anything?  They are randomly placed along the counter.  Also, you may have noticed that where I plan to install my corner cabinet is directly under one of the lights:

Not good.  I have to move those cans.  Once I took the mirrors down, had the new counters/sinks installed (and cut the electricity to this room) this is what I was left with:

The plan for those can lights is to completely remove the one above the corner cabinet and to move the right one farther to the right, hopefully centered on the sink (depending on where the studs allow me to install it.)

Fortunately, the left hand sink did end up falling directly under the light around the corner on the far left, so that one could stay put:

To make up for the loss of one can light, I decided to install two sconces around the mirror above the right hand sink.  Like I did when I previously rewired my kitchen lighting, the first thing I did was sketch out my wiring diagram:

Then I mocked up where the sconces would fall based on where the studs and plumbing were located: 

I didn't love how far apart they had to sit, but it turns out a plumbing vent stack is right behind that wall, along with a bunch of load bearing studs.  That is the only place they could go and still be symmetrical.

Now I just have to actually do the tear-out and re-installation!
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