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New Year, New Marble Countertops

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and wish you all a great new year.  I took a little break from blogging while our family headed down to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl with a little side trip to Disneyland... but that didn't mean there wasn't progress in the master bathroom.

I had the marble countertops installed.  

I previously removed the fake 'engineered marble' (aka plastic) counters and was left with just the base cabinets:

To support the weight of the new cabinets I had to install 3/4 inch plywood over the cabinet boxes.  The key to this step is to make sure the plywood is completely level and supported since any sagging in the plywood or change in elevation can cause the slab to crack. 

Once I had the plywood installed I set up a little sneak peak of my corner cabinet and new mirrors that will replace the giant wall to wall plate glass mirror that was previously above the vanity.  The corner cabinet is the final color I am going to stain the lower cabinets that I couldn't afford to replace.

Because I want to install a corner cabinet on top of the counter, I needed to mark where I wanted the backsplash to end.   

I used a sharpie to mark both the wall and the plywood itself:

The granite company custom fit the slab and put in slightly smaller sinks since I am losing counter space to the large cabinet.  They made sure they centered the new sinks on the sink base cabinets which will will require a little relocation of the plumbing but nothing too tough.   I also opted for smaller 3 hole fixtures instead of the super wide set two-handle ones I had previously.

I really like the slab I picked. It isn't the typical color you normally think of when you hear Crema Marfil (which tends to be very light and consistent in color.) The slab I chose is full of tiny little inclusions that are translucent white and grey. They almost look like little shells or stones.  It also has quite a bit of rust colored veining through it.  It should look great with the super dark cabinets.  

Next up: Installing the plumbing.  

Budget for this part of the remodel: $1428.87
3/4 inch plywood: $24.27
Marble Slab (and Installation): $1404.60
Total Renovation to Date: $3935.32

** I  realized that I hadn't updated my budget after completing the shower/tub tiling and door installation.  Please see my previous post about the frameless shower door which now include my expenses.

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  1. You are going to love those new countertops!

  2. They look good! And I absolutely love the corner cabinet and the color you chose! It's going to look amazing!


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