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The Best of 2012

I saw a lot of other bloggers do this, and before it gets too far into 2013 I thought it would be fun to do it too.  A quick round up of my favorite projects and posts from 2012!

Most Viewed Post:
Hands down, My Kitchen Reveal
My kitchen has been pinned hundreds of thousands of times on Pinterest. Is it surreal to see you kitchen pop up on random people's feeds but I am super proud of it. 

The most popular post about the actual transformation was on how I painted the cabinets in about a week without ever losing functionality of my kitchen:
I spent a good two months working on the kitchen and here are some other details about it:
 Faux Stainless Trash Compactor
New Cabinet Hardware
Stained Island Cabinets 
Installing a Pencil Tile Backsplash
Cabinet converted to open shelves
New Lighting
New faucet
Miscellaneous little details

Most Popular Recipe Post:
This is another post that seems to have gone viral on Pinterest.  They really ARE fantastic, even if you aren't a fan of 'Barbie cabbages.'  Here are a few of my other favorite recipes.

Neverending project of 2012:
I began working on the garage in March and didn't have a reveal post until August.  It is competing for my master bathroom remodel as the project that will take me the longest. 

The big highlight of the 'new' garage was the mudroom area I put in next to the entry door.  The custom built ins made out of Ikea shelving was a great spacesaver.

My (personal) favorite project:
I love this project since it is in the playroom/family room and I get to see it every day.  Even when my kids are at school or upstairs asleep I have a little piece of them right on my wall.  I love how it turned out. 

Most decorated place in my house:
My mantle.   Every holiday in 2012 seemed to result in a new mantlescape.  For example:

Looking back, I can't believe I didn't post my Halloween mantles.  Ooops! I have to remember to do that next year! 

Favorite Project with the Smallest Budget:
My Stair Makeover (plus Tutorial)
I did this back in January. One my first projects of the year and money was tight.  Because I used leftover materials on hand, this transformation cost me less than $5 and I get to look at it every day.  Even more than a year later it looks fantastic.  

Project I am most proud of but don't want to repeat:
January was a tough month since I vowed on only spend $20 per week for all my variable expenses (food, gas, entertainment, DIY projects!) I learned a lot about myself, but I wouldn't want to spend another month with only $80 in my pocket! 

Project I want to finish in 2103:

Although I have gotten through most of the shower and tub tile work, I have a long way yet to go!  Can't wait to see what 2013 has in store! 

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  1. You should be proud of that kitchen and all the great projects you did last year. Can't wait to see all you dream up in 2013!

  2. Wow! What a great job you've done on everything! I think we live in twin houses...except instead of oak cabinetry we have that lovely 80s pickled maple with a hint (!) of pink! I'm in the middle of my kitchen (cabinets are now white) and we have almost the same layout. Can I ask what the measurements are between the U where your island is? I would love to put one in ours but am worried it's not wide enough.


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