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Three Dimensional Perler Bead Planters

Pearler bead succulent planterThree Dimensional Pearler Bead Planters.  So easy to make and the only limit is your creativity.  Would be a great kids craft for birthday parties or scout meetings.

My kids have really gotten into Perler beads this summer.  I shared a few of their projects on Instagram lately, and they got me all fired up to play along too.
I decided to move away from two dimensional flat projects, and came up with a easy cylindrical container shape.  You could really make ANY pattern on it, so I played around with a few different patterns.  You could use them to store pencils or makeup brushes or pretty much anything really, but I turned them into succulent planters.. since hey.. TRENDY! Succulent pearler bead flowerpots
If you have never worked with perler beads, they are a great creative outlet.  “Perler" is their name brand actually, like “Q-Tip” but we actually use a mix of the actual Perler brand along with generic PYSSLA ones from Ikea (because they are much less expensive).   But if you are looking for the best variety of colors, nobody beats Perler.
Pearler bead project suppliesThey also make the best assortment of pegboards and accessories.  The only other tool I use is a needle nose tweezer. I find that is the best way to manipulate the beads with my giant fingers.   For fusing the pieces down you will also need an iron and parchment paper.
Creating hot and cold pearler bead pattern
For this project I created two long thin rectangles on the largest pegboard I had.  Since my board wasn’t very large, I had to make two rectangles and fuse them together, but if you had a really large pegboard (or the kind of boards that snap together) you could probably create this project with one piece.  However,  since I didn’t, I just made sure I repeated the pattern between both pieces and first fused them separately with the iron.
Fusing pearler beads with an iron
Then I re-aligned the individual pieces end to end on my pegboard. This will hold them perfectly in place when you melt them together. Fusing two pearler bead sheets togetherYou can use the iron to fuse the individual pieces together and you end up with one long rectangle.
Fusing two pieces of pearler bead art togetherWHILE THE PIECE IS STILL WARM (and if it has cooled off, re-heat it with the iron) wrap it around a can or so other round object to put the three dimensional curve in the piece.  If you make the piece large enough you could just glue it to the can itself.   Don’t try wrapping the cooled sheet around the can or it will crack. 
Wrapping pearler beads around tin can
I used a round plate to create the bottom of my piece (if you are gluing your flat sheet to a can you won’t need a bottom) Gluing bottom to pearler bead boxI used hot glue to join the ends of the rectangle together and to add the bottom of the cylinder.
Glue gun on pearler beads to make 3DHere are my finished projects.  The larger example actually holds the soup can inside (if you were using it for a flower vase or something that needed to hold water, you need a container inside since the beads have holes.Three dimensional pearler bead pencil storage
I added some faux dollar store succulents and turned the containers into planters. Melting beads into succulent planter
Pearler bead succulent planterI love how they came out, so fun to make.  It would be a great project to work on with kids.  The designs could be whimsical or modern, plain or complicated.   The perfect craft to flex your creative muscles! Pearler bead planters

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