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The "real" me!

Family Ever After is hosting a "Picture Me Domestic" Self Portrait contest and Vintage Revivals is hosting a "Your DIY Uniform" challenge and so I felt inclined to revive one of my old favorite pictures of me during my demo/rebuild of the kitchen walls in the MoneyPit 1.0.

In case you want to follow the saga, it started here and the demo was here, here, and here.  Installing cabinets and floors and fixing the plumbing.
Here is the reveal and here is when we staged it to sell.

I can't even tell you the number of hours I spent looking EXACTLY like this while tearing down the kitchen, re-plastering, sanding, re-plastering, sanding...
A dust mask and make-shift safety glasses.  Awesome.

I also look exactly like this during all the drywall repair work I have been doing on the garage and now I am pretty sure the neighbors must think I have MRSA or something since I am constantly walking around in a facemask!

But hey.. that is exactly who I am.  Take it or leave it! 

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  1. Love it. So awesome, you have some skills girl!!! Thanks for participating!

  2. Awe, You still remember us, in t-shirt form.

  3. I don't think anyone can handle the "real me". I love to make my daughter's friends laugh if they come over or spend the night and I haven't fixed my bed head. Let's just say I'm a twin of Kramer from Seinfeld. lol

  4. That picture always cracked me up, woman.

    Love the shirt! (Momommies!) :P

  5. awesome. Isn't it empowering to dress like that though, it's like you can do anything with that mask and makeshift safety glasses!


  6. Super funny- yours was the picture from Family Ever After that I clicked on first! I think we'd be friends. Oh that drywall :) And the name of your blog is oh so true. The only difference about us is you are smarter then me. We moved in and started tearing up the world and now it's almost 9 months later and I might get a kitchen THIS weekend. Less learned, one room at a time next go around. So excited to keep in touch.

  7. I LOVE IT!!!!! At least you wear a mask which is more than I can say for myself! You are adorable! Thanks for linking up!!

    Love your guts


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