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Your Garage Door Should be Beautiful Too!

As part of the never-ending garage makeover, I knew I wanted to make the door into the house more welcoming.  Since it is the door people most commonly enter I wanted to spruce it up.

Originally the door and woodwork was white and had never been repainted in the entire lifetime of the house (it also had brass hardware but I spray painted those suckers within minutes of moving in):
But because it was a high traffic area, 20 years of wear and tear were definitely showing:
 Once the walls were fixed and painted, it only made the door look worse:
 My inspiration was a black door and so I decided to go for it.  I used Benjamin Moore's Super Spec Enamel in Gloss Black (the stock color.)  Super Spec is designed to not require primer, and to be pretty heavy duty (which is a necessity on a door that sees this  much wear and tear.)   In fact, it is considered an "industrial grade" paint which may be overkill, but better safe than sorry!  It can also be applied directly to metal, which makes it a perfect choice for doors.

 Of course, it got worse before it got better and the first coat looked pretty bad:
 But I soldiered on.   I also painted the trim the same color as the built-ins ("Ikea White") since they are side by side and there is no other trim in the garage.

 I also wanted to add numbers to the door, and although I could have added store bought ones the way I did to my front door, for this entry I wanted something a little more whimsical.  So after finding a font I liked, I wrote out "No. 64" and traced it directly off my computer screen onto white paper. 
(Clearly I don't have a Cricut machine or I would have cut out vinyl for this project)  After tracing the numbers, I shaded the backside of the paper with pencil.  Since I could only find colored pencils at my house (of course.. eyeroll) I used those. 
I cut them out and taped them where I wanted them and traced over them with a ballpoint pen:
Remove the paper and you are left with the outlines:
 I used the same white paint I used on the trim and filled in the outlines with a fine watercolor brush:

Beautiful no?  I LOVE IT!  And now you will always know where you are! 

I thought I would share a tiny sneak preview of the upcoming big garage reveal. I am almost finished painting and organizing the storage area, which is the last step in the plan

Looking great isn't it?  I can't wait to share the entire garage. You won't even recognize it!

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  1. Looking great! I've had "paint garage door and front doors" on my to do list forever. You are inspiring me!!!!

  2. Great idea! Turned out wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing at Project Queen's Link Party.

  3. yay for you! i tried this on my door and it looked awful! yours looks awesome...

  4. When we get rid of our boat in June I'm flying you down here to re-do my garage, okay? :P

  5. Kim, that door looks awesome!! I love the number on it! so unique!

  6. Love that number! The font is perfect!

    Great door makeover! I'm thinking I just want to come hang out in your awesome garage!

  7. Love it... and I love how organized the shelves to the left of the door look, too! :)

    I found you through the Delightfully Inspiring Thursday Party over at Delightful Order... God Bless! :)
    ~ Jess from The Colorful Ones

  8. LOVE this! I must say I have a mega crush on anyone bold enough to paint a door black :)

    Stopping by from Delightful Order!

  9. The door looks great and almost brand new! That little sneak peek of your garage makes me jealous already! I love the cubbies!

  10. Wasp dudes! Awesome stuff keep it up.
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  11. Looks great! I really like the black! I did the same technique for some lettering I had to do the other day, but rather than pencil, I used chalk on the back of the paper before tracing with pencil. Worked amazingly well and the excess just wiped right off :o)
    Thanks for linking up this week - you are the most clicked limk and will be featured tomorrow!!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. What a good idea! I need to do something with my neglected garage. I call it the man-cave and try to hurry from the car inside as fast as possible.

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  14. My gararge door looks EXACTLY like your before shot...your project is inspiring!

  15. I love it! I swear, we must live in the same house. I just painted our garage door in a super dark, almost brown color. :)

  16. I totally understand the never ending garage makeover! We have been working on ours for 6 years. Somehow we never get past cleaning it out and organizing it! Did you guys finish the walls (or do anything else to them) before painting or just paint right over the mud and tape?

  17. Very cute. We actually need to repair our garage door, this would be a super cute idea when we're done!

  18. Woah! You did that?! The font stuff sounds like it was a lot of work. It looks incredible though. Good work!
    Jean | dansdoorrepair.com


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