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Festive on a Budget: Paint Chip Garland!

I don't normally decorate for Valentine's Day.  I have to say I don't really know anyone that does.. but when I saw a cute garland idea on pinterest that made Valentine's day decor out of paint chips, I decided I would give it a shot.  My house was overrun with pink paint chips when I was deciding on paint colors for the girls' room.  (You can see them here all lined up on the floor):

So I whipped out the heart hole punch and went to town:
In the original tutorial she hands sews them together.. Uh, yeah. That is crazy talk.  I ran those bad boys through the sewing machine:

All in all I had about 15 chips with 4 colors and I was able to get about 8 punches per card.  That gave me enough to make two long swaggable garlands:

 My colors are all pretty light pink. If you were taking samples from the paint store you could mix it up a bit more:
 But all in all I think it is pretty festive.  For ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY!  Perfect for my budget

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