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Meal Planning with only your Pantry and $20 Week 2

Week 2 was a little tougher than week 1 when it came to meal planning and working completely out of my pantry.  The pickings were starting to get a little slim.  Unlike last week, I had to do a little more pre-planning this week and had to make a few more trips to the grocery store to complete my meal ideas.

Sunday: Chicken Pho Soup (recipe off the box)
I already had a box of Pho Soup base in my pantry and I grilled a couple chicken breasts on my George Forman, but I didn't have any of the other ingredients for this.  I had to spend $1.15 on rice noodles and $1.99 on bean sprouts.

Monday: Ham and Noodle Casserole (Pinterest)

When I was looking for a way to get rid of the leftover holiday ham I came across this recipe on Pinterest.  I decided to save it and not use it right away, and this week seemed like a good time to give it a shot.  Since I had egg noodles and soup on hand I only needed to buy the sour cream ($1.99).  The original recipe calls for swiss cheese but I used mozzerella since that is what I had in the freezer

Tuesday: Leftovers
That casserole makes a TON of food.

Wednesday: Grilled Northwood's Chicken, Parmesan Rice and Broccoli
This was basically boneless skinless chicken breasts seasoned with Penzey's Northwoods Seasoning (Paprika, thyme, rosemary, garlic and chipotle) similar to the Penzey's baked version shown above.  It was paired with Rice-a-Roni and steamed broccoli.  All from the pantry.

Thursday: Beef Chili (Penzey's) and homemade cornbread
I had a ton of canned tomatoes and sauce, plus ground beef in the freezer. I knew I could make chili so I had to buy beans and pasta (since I include noodles in my chili.) I ended up spending 89c on the pasta (i had to use shells instead of elbows because they were cheaper) and 88c on 1/2 a pound of beans (which I had to buy dry since they were cheaper than 2 cans at 99c/each.) I had all the cornbread ingredients on hand.

Friday: Leftovers. (I had enough chili to feed an army.. For the kids, I added some to hotdogs and had Chili-dogs)

Saturday:  We ate out at Soup/Salad Buffet Restaurant!!

How did I do it?  Well, I signed up to be a mystery shopper and was able to have my meal reimbursed in exchange for filling out a survey about my experience.  Because of confidential issues, I can't tell you which company or which restaurant.

All in all a pretty good week! Lots of variety and we haven't (yet) had to resort to Ramen!

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  1. I have been enjoying reading your $20.00/ week challenge. Even though it just two of us I don't know that we could do it! I am cheering you on from afar!


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