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$20 Weekly Budget: Week 2 Results

Here is how my spending for Week 2 of the $20/week challenge went:

I started the week with $1.67 surplus.

Sunday: $3.14 at Safeway
Rice noodles: $1.15
Bean sprouts: $1.99

$1.18 at Target
Cat food.  I actually had a store credit at Target for a return I made last month, so I saved $4.05 off my purchase.

Monday: $0.47 at Walgreens
4 cans chicken broth: $2- $1 coupon
3 cans soup: $2.98-50c coupon
I also had the $3 off coupon I earned last week

$2.97 at Fresh and Easy
3 apples: $0.98
Sour cream: $1.99

Tuesday:  $8.07 at CVS
Jet dry: $3.50-$1coupon
Tortilla chips: $1.79
4 pounds sugar: $2.99-42 coupon
24 pack water: $2.44 + 1.20 bottle deposit

When I looked at my reciept at CVS I realized I hadn't factored in the extra 5c per bottle they charge in the state of California for the redemption value.  It then struck me that I had cans and bottles sitting around the garage. It was like FREE money!

Since my balance for the remainder of the week was already down to $5.84 I knew this was as good time as any to cash them in.  All my cans and bottles were worth +$11.07

To reward myself for that brilliant strategy:
$3.58 at Starbucks

Wednesday: $4.59 at Costco for 2 gallons of milk

Thursday: $6.23 at the Farmer's Market
Half pound dry kidney beans (bulk):  $0.88
Pound of white rice (bulk): $0.93
1/3 pound sea salt: $0.14
Pound of baby carrots: $0.99
2 pints blackberries: $1.98
3 apples: $0.99
3 tomatoes: $0.50

$2.18 at Grocery Outlet
Pound of Pasta: $0.89
Flour totillas: $1.29

Friday: $0
Even though I spent no cash on Friday, my gas tank was on E and I needed a birthday gift for a little boy in E's class.  I had a Toys R Us gift card for $25 and I knew if I got my balance below $10 I could get the difference back in cash.  So I purchased a $14.99 Transformer for the party, and used the remaining change  ($8.96) to put about 2 gallons of gas in the van.

Saturday: $0

Surplus at the end of the week: $0.33

All in all this week was MUCH MORE DIFFICULT.  If it weren't for figuring out way to increase the amount I could spend I would not have been able to get through it.  I am starting to run out of options for generating extra spending money.

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  1. Dude, you're some sort of maniacal genius. Using the gift card for cash back? Well played.

  2. Genius or crazy, jury is still out

  3. Heck of impressed with your shopping/budgeting skills. I'm following you in the hopes that I'll pick up some pointers...

    Although I'm not going to let hubs see how you budget with only $20 a week. Because I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it!

  4. Can't wait to see how you handled week 3. 8-)


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