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The Kitchen: More Demo

 It is time! Time to remove the last of the cabinets. With the exception of the sink and the dishwasher (which we are keeping hooked up until the very.last.minute) everything has to go.
The remaining wall cabinets and the countertops.

But first things first. Where the paneling was pulled off the wall, there are huge chunks of plaster missing:

Some of the holes are too large for simple plaster patches.

They require drywall:

And I am getting really good at taping and plastering joints:

Skim coat, sand:


And look at that corner. Hand molded over a peice of half round pine trim:

Okay.. moving on. More tear out. We are saving the stove, but it had to come out in order to remove the paneling.

Unfortantely, the rest of the wall reveals more of the same:

And even more:

Patch, sand, repeat.. Oh you know the drill by now:

This is what we are left with. A tiny section of countertop and a sink. Plus a whole lot of plaster dust. (Oh, and in this picture the broken window still isn't installed yet. Nothing like having no window when it is 20 degrees and snowing!)

Hopefully the demo is the worst part of this remodel, since it is taking forever!

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